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it looks like she has a crush on me?


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Let me start from the beganing. I am at work I help this girl out but it is my job to do what I did, ever sense she will go out of her way to say hi to me and to talk to me. I meen she will stay and talk to me for 3 or 4 hrs after she gets off every night we work to geter. And last week when I was working her sister we walking behind be and out of the corner of my eye I saw that her sister was pointing at me veary quickly and when I turned around she stoped that night we talked for the 3 hrs like normal but she did not care that her sister was wating for her to go home. So what is going on here. I was told by some co workers that it looks like she has a crush on me. Douse it sould like it? And if so what should I do becouse of the whole work thing? Thanks for all the help.

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Seems obvious to me that this girl is interested in you, without actually wearing a sign around her neck announcing it.....lol


Ask her out. Tell her you'd like to take her out to dinner, or the movies, whatever. I know I sure wouldn't hang around work after I was done unless there was someone I REAAAAAAALLLLY liked there....lol I'm thinking it's a given she'll say yes to being asked out, but that's just my two cents...lol



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Ok here is alittle bit more info. Today we did the normal thing of talking for 3 hrs when her sister wants to go home then she leves to go home about 1 hre later she shows back up. That confused me I thought that she forgot something but when she got out of her car she was giggling and then she came in and stared at me then I asked her if she left something and she sead no I am here to buy a drink. Now that one confused me becouse we work at an tellmarking firm. So she whent to the brake room bought a drink and then came back out here and talked to me for 1 or 2 min then left on her way back to her car she starded to giggle...... Ok now I am confused becoue there drive home takes about 30 to 40 mins. So what going on?

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LOL - I agree with Mar - short of a front page ad in the paper she couldn't advertise her interest much more. Even people in the area don't go to work to get a drink for fun


And agree with Shyguy - just tell her something like "hey, why don't we get outta here, get some coffee and talk somewhere a little more comfortable for a while?" Unless she really can't, seems to be a given she'll be more than happy to go - and if you're definitely interested, drop the idea of hanging out or catching a movie sometime while you're there, and get her number - she seems to be the type who's not too shy about dropping hints herself of her interest, so make sure she knows her interest is returned!

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