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I know a girl i have known for about 4 weeks but i need help

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Hi sorry to bother u

But i know this girl ive know her for 4 weeks i met her in a chat room we have met in person i like her she said i was nice and made sure i had her phone number. i dont know what to do everytime i think of her my mind wonders i want to ask her but afaid i might lose our friendship over it i like her alot. which is hard for me to like a person very quick but i really felt that we connected in every way.


please if anyone can help or if u have been in the same situration plz help me


Im in diar straights here i like her alot i did ask her of my chances but she did say she wasnot ready for a relationship yet i told her i wasnot either it was only a question and after that we talked normally again if not a little better. I get very nervous on the phone when i do speak to her. i need to find out how i can have a good conforsation with her without been stumped on what to say she is nice and seams happy when i do call but after a while when i cant think of something to say we end the call the calls usally last about 10 minutes i would like them to last longer but i do get speachless


please help me i need help i dont want to lose her to someone else


can anyone help

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Ok first thing you must ask your self. Is it worth going after her and have a chance of loseing your friend. (I know this one all too well becouse the only way that I can go to the next step is first becoming friends) Now to talk longer with her you should talk about things that you have in common. One quick question how old are you too? that will help me better help you.

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First of all you should never settle for friends that you are attracted to, all it does is inhibit your behavior and make you hide things in hopes that someday you might actually hook up with this person. Ask her out. And try making friends with girls u aren't attracted to, it's easy, and if ur lucky, once they see what a sweet, charming, honorable kinda guy you are, ur friends will be trying to hook u up with girls that you are attracted to.


Actually long phone calls are sometimes a bad idea, it's better if you end the phone call while she is still interested and that way it leaves her wanting to talk to you again.

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I know that long phone calls are sometimes a bad idea but i need to know what to talk about there are some problems


I cant think of what to say i mean i do know what to say but i really dont want to say that to her if there are any girls out there that could give me some pointers to help me i would really love it


sometimes i just want to tell her so bad but i dont want to lose a friendship over it it really annoys me that i cant and when im talking to her im alllways trying to think of a new subject to talk about its really hard if u can help me that would be really good.


AAnd how do u tell if a girl hates you or likes you?


Also ive been having the same dream every night for the past week its allways about her it allways about happyness and her if u could tell me or interperet this i would be thankful as it is starting to scare me a bit cuase the dreams are exactly the same.

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