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Help ME Please.. I like this guy and want to ask him out

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Hi, I need some serious help on this problem....theres this guy friend of mine that i extremely like. He a guy in our so called group of friends u could say but i dont get to see him as much as the others do. I dont know the definite signs that he likes me but i got some ideas....he teasing me alot! Always pays attention to me...always comes up with a joke to make me laugh, hes just the great guy...but hes extremely and i mean extremely shy to gurls he likes. How can i get him to feel alot more comfortable with me.....not necessarily boyfriend material but just good friends! Hes everything i want in a guy. I need to know from a guys opinion on some signs that a guy does to a gurl he likes or wants to get to know better. Im not to sure on how to go about this cause im shy too, but once ya get to know me i can be a riot lol.... I went to school with this guy and when we were in school he was quiet completely or as u could say mean towards me.... but now 3 years later hes totally different...i mean people grow up but this guy has totally changed. I need to know how to win his heart before its to late... Please Help ME ASAP!!!


Scared and Confused


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One thing is for sure is he is more open with u then before this is becuase he has known u for so long


Im in the same predicament i like this girl but dont know how to tell her how i feel im worried that i might lose the friendship over it.


But tell him that u like him and ask him out to the movies or bushwalk ect.


Trust me girls hardly get rejected by boys but girls rejected boys alot

Thats what im worried about


Anyhow ask him what he thinks of u. tell him u like him and go from there.

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First thing I have to say is welcom to enotalone Now how shy guys give singles I know this one very well. One big sign is that he open with you, next is if he defends you, next if he is flurty with you. Now how to find out if he likes you. This is a hard part sense you are shy too, my sugestion is too just come out and tell him. That is what I would like someone to do to me. But hey things are not that way. Now to win his hart over, be your self with him but show that you like him go to movies with him (just the two of you) and things like that. Ask him out on dates!!!! that is the best thing to do, But dont come on to strong or you might scare him off. Well I hoipe that this helps

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Here's a slightly manipulative invitation:


Next time u guys are all talking, start a conversation about dating

and after it has progressed a few moments, make sure you have his

attention and say something along the lines of "Well, I don't know

about you guys *look at him* but nobody ever asks me out"


It's a risk free way of saying "I'm waiting on you to ask me out"


If he's really shy, he probably still won't ask you, but no matter how

shy he is, he will say something if he likes you. Maybe "I find that

hard to believe" or something close to that.


Now for the part of asking HIM out. Sociology has somehow named

males as the initiators and it's not right. It gives males the ability to

choose who they wish to pursue and all the females can do is say YES

or NO, thus providing males with the oppurtunity to decide the fate of

everyone. Don't let males decide who you are going to be with, it's

ok for you to pursue who you wish to pursue.

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