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Signs that he wants you back

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He divorced me because I moved out after 3 yrs of his addiction to online porn and chat rooms.


His family and an ex-girlfriend helped him divorce me. We reconciled for two months this past spring, but he went through with the divorce because (1) he met someone online (lives 3000 miles away) who tells him everything he wants to hear, and (2) his family convinced him that he'd never be happy with me (I tried to help him fight to live a normal life, as he suffers from depression/anxiety). His family thought I wasn't catering to him enough, and thought I was unsympathetic. We were together for 8 years.

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I want him back because I love him. I left to get his attention. He wasn't always this way. If I'm important enough to him, he'll quit! Look, since the divorce, he's called me twice and hung up, and emailed me once. Nothing major, I know, but we've only been divorced 18 days. I'm thinking that maybe he's trying to tell me something. He's a "Big Chicken," when it comes to confrontation. He fears rejection.

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