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Guys help me

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I was in a relationship where the guy finances were bad. He is 27 years old and makes good money. He just didnt know how to manage it. He would always ask me for money and at first I would help him out. I saw that he wasnt trying to make things better so I stopped helping. He then told me that I wasnt there for him. He also wanted me to cook him dinner alot. This wasnt a problem but it was as if he demanded it. He wanted me to move in with him so he can get his finances together. I told him no and he told me that I dont know how to compromise. Is this guy a loser or what? We are no longer together and he now lives with another woman. I am still struggling with this issue though.

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I don't wanna sound bad but the fact that you turned him down and he is now living with another woman has its own answer. Looks to me as he was just using you for cash. You can do with out men like that in your life.


Im glad that you stood your grounds, while you could and he did not end up leaving you in a mess.

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Do his parents or did his parents pick up after him alot?

Sounds immature because he should have sorted his issues out instead of expecting you to help him. Were all entitled to ask friends and loved ones for help, but when we keep making the same mistakes were on our own. He needed outside proffessional help. You were his woman not his mother, so dont feel guilty, you did the right thing. Sounds like he would have quite happily taken you down with him.

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Yeah,this guys a loser.

Reading this kind of crap makes me ashamed to be a guy.

Its gotta hurt.You probably think you love him.Hell,perhaps you do.Perhaps he loves you,but if he does then his version of love is not the version of love that is any good for you at all.It sounds terrible but I know a few women who need-yes need-to be in relationships with dudes who expect them to have dinner on the table when they get home,give them money,wash their skiddy undies-whatever.Its almost like,I dont know-Florence Knightengale syndrome or something.They naturally mother their men,and as a result usually attract the kind of men who need to be mothered.Nothing at all wrong with this I suppose,all power to them,but you dont need to get stuck with someone who isnt compatible with you.

If you really like this guy you have to tell him what you need from the relationship.Sure money isnt everything,but if financial stability is something you need then financial stability is something you need.And tell the bastard to cook his own bloody eggs!!

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He sounds like his parents did everything for him. We live in a day and age that if a woman does not want to cook for her man, he needs to deal with it, or find another woman. Sounds like he moved on, I would suggest that you forget this guy. From what you've described, you just rid yourself of a child.

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