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I got her number, but I need advice

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I met this girl last Friday night at a club. She was there supervising her "tippsy" friend. I started dancing with her and she seemed like a great girl. Finished school, didn't drink, and was extremely cute. She was all over me the whole night. At one point she lost track of her friend and I said to her, should we go look for her? She told me no, not to worry that she will find us. That also told me that she was into me. I said to her that we should hang out together the next day and she said ok but not too late because she works grave yard shifts from 11:00PM to AM. Anyway time flies when your having fun and before you knew it the club started closing. She gave me her number so I could call her to hang out the following day. We were even holding hands on the way out of the club. I kissed her on the cheek and told her good night and drive home safely. So the next day, I'm all excited. The first light at the end of a tunnel since my ex shattered my heart seven months ago. I called in the afternoon and I hear her voicemail with her name. I hang up. I call 45 minutes later and again voicemail. So I leave a message saying it was me from last night and would you like to hang out and left her my number. NO RESPONSE. The next day I called twice, once in the AM and once in the PM but left no voicemail. What do you guys out there think I should do? Wait a day and call again? She seemed so much better than my ex. Please Advise….THANKS


P.S. Its funny how quickly you forget about your ex when someone knew is around!!!!


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you may have allready hosed yourself on this one. More that one call a day usualy turns on the stocker alarms. You're best beat is to wait a day or so next time, and just call once.


another posibility is that she dosn't check her voice mail, and if you can get ahold of her before she does and thinks you're desperiat then you'll be lucky. Try once more at some point when most everyone is at home. Sunday evenings usualy work well to find someone home.

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If she got your message the first day she probably didn't call as part of that whole dating axiom that you don't call until a few days later. I have had three occasions where I gave a girl my number (which i find is a sure sign of attraction since most girls don' seem to ask) and they say that they are gonna call the next day and they act all excited about it. Loe and behold they never call until at least three days later, even if you make plans otherwise. Personally if I get a girls number I never call until two days later. I don't know why, it just seems to be part of the whole dating thing. If you saw 'Swingers' they talk a lot about and I find it holds true for some reason.


Yea and more than one call a day makes you out to look a little desperate and clingy, which can be a turn off early in a relationship. Or in dating and what not. Anyway if you just lay off a little she will prolly call you, just stop calling. You called, left a message, now the ball is in her court so just leave it like that.

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Hmm I wouldn’t call her again , don’t get to excited about it , if she really liked you she would definitely call , everyone is different and take there own time to respond I would take it easy and just wait .


If she dosent respond then its pretty clear, that she was just flirting with you that night and that’s that ..otherwise if she is really interested in meeting you she will make a effort , and call back ..i had once had a girl call me back a month later ..so I was shocked cause I had forgotten all about her , but these things do happen

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