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What can I do about my best Friend?....I STILL LOVE HER

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This girl and me have been best friends since about the 7th grade, I am a Junior in High School now. At the end of our 7th grade year we started talking all the time, writting letters, walking eachother to class, little stuff like that. Then we started calling eachother; we would spend countless hours on the phone, talking about God knows what, anything to keep up a conversation. We were very close as friends and we both knew nothing would ever ruin our friendship. Towards the end of that school year I knew in my heart I wanted something more, it seemed right. One day she wrote me a letter and my hopes came true, she liked me just as much as I did her, maybe even more. Well, after that we ended up going out. We were together for a year. I loved her soo much and today still do. I still remember the hours at end we spent talkign til 2 in the morning EACH night. We went everywhere together and both felt we were meant for eachother. The summer after our eight grade year, she moved away near Houston, Tx. I live way at the south of texas, about a 6 hour distance from eachother. We talked to eachother for hours everyday online, as we just couldnt do it on the phone anymore, it wasnt very possible. We werent together anymore but I still loved her and i know she felt the same way. Well now as juniors we are still the same way, friends wise. We are best of friends and talk about EVERYTHING. SHe has had boyfriends off and on, some not many, but they havent lasted very long. I know I love her with all my heart but I dont knwo what to do. SHe comes down on every holiday to visit friends and some family she has down here and we see eachother each time. We all go as friends to the movies but i wish it was still just the two of us. Im supportive of her in all she does and even when she talks to me about certian guys she has crushes on, im happy for her, but i cant help to hide my true feelings. There's nothing i can do about the hundreds of miles there is between us, but my heart is torn in two everytime i think about what we had before she was taken away from me. I know we can talk about anything to eachother, but I dont think i could ever tell her that i still have the same feelings for her. We have a specail kind of love for eachother as friends that will always be there. She is coming down for Thanksgiving. Im lost and dont know what to do.

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Well if you say you love her that much and are that much of good friend then my friend I don't think it will be that hard to tell her. Cos you never know she prob feels the same way but you will never find out till you set your thoughts out on the table, if you don't you may loose her altogether, cos she may think you don't feel the same and move on. And I know you don't want that right!!!


If you guys are made fore each other it will happen leave it to god, but even gad needs a a helping hand to push people in th right direction.

So go for it when she comes down tell her. Don't wait till it too late.

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