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OK thing is this


me and my ex are best friends, we get along really awesome.... and i am perfectly happy with having the best friend - close relationship we're having right now.. but sometimes i wonder if i'd like to be together with her again...but i think, i don't want to ruin what i have, although i'd go back out with her if the chance was there..


another thing - today, me, her and her best female friend met up, and later in the evening, her best female friend said to me ''i love you... '' and stuff, although i'm pretty sure it was a joke, i would also go out with her, and i think i'd have a pretty good chance...


so what i was thinking - if i'd go out with her, (which would also be in my interests) would that get my ex thinking or something, and would that enable a better chance of me getting back together with her or something...


i know, it might sound really unfair, but that's not the way it should

basically, i just want to know if she'd react to me going out with her best female friend....


makes sense? :s


thanks. later.

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First of all, you'd be causing a LOT of trouble by making your ex's friend break the cardinal rule of dating: never date your best friend's ex. I learned this lesson the extremely hard way, not knowing it. It might be a dumb rule, but I think you'd only be inviting a heap of trouble on your head by the whole scenario. First off, the best friend would tick off your ex by dating you. Your ex would be ticked/jealous/hurt/depressed that someone else, especially her best friend, is dating you. She'd also be ticked that you asked out the friend and not her, whether she wants to date you again or not. (Don't ask me, I've just seen it happen, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.....)


I would leave that whole situation alone, and stick to what you have. If things work out between your ex and you, great. But, unless you want some serious fighting going on, avoid asking out the friend!



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