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I like a girl alot but dont know what to do.

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I am a sophomor in highschool and have a problem. Before I start, I am sorry about how long this is but i have alot of things to say. I had been pretty overweight through most of elementary and some of highschool. The summer before this school year i lost alot of weight. The first day of school was fairly average until my studyhall last period of the day. Me and a friend were sitting talking when the girl i like walked in with a few friends. I glanced at her and thaught she was really cute. I went back to talking to my friend and noticed out of the corner of my eye that she kept looking over at me. That was the only class I had with her, but was happy to find that the next day she had re-aranged her schedule and was now in my morning foreign language class. I notice her looking at me durring class and I think she might like me to. We also have in class asignments were the class has to go around asking each-other questions in the foreign language. Whenever I aproach her or she aproaches me to ask a question she seems kinda nervous and looks down alot when she talks to me. She doesnt usualy make alot of eye contact but when she does she smiles alittle and i smile back. The other day in class durring one of those activities she was at her desk and i aproached her and asked one of the questions. When i finished reading the question i looked at her and smiled alittle and she looked back smiling and we were looking into each others eyes for at least 5 seconds. Then she blinked and looked away and her face got red and she asked me to repeat the question. I did, then she asked me a question and i walked away.

Now one of the problems is that i go to a small school in a small comunity. Everyone knows everything about everyone else and that causes not alot of people to date people from the same school. The next problem is that she has alwase been more popular than me but i have closed alot of the gap by losing the weight. I know most of her friends and they are all pretty friendly twards me. I am not however friends with any of her friends and she isnt friends with any of my friends. We dont talk outside of classes and we dont talk much durring class. I only have one friend who i can actualy talk to about this and he hasnt been much help. My other friends dont have the brain capacity to want a real relationship with a girl besides physical and friendship. I want to ask her out but if it turns out she doesnt like me then things would be really awkward between us afterwards. There is a turnaround dance in a few months but i dont want to wait that long to see if she asks me. I would rather go out with her before then.

Please help me, i dont know what to do.

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Well from what you've said, its pretty clear to me that she likes you dude! She seems pretty shy seeing how she blushes when you talk and smile at her. So if I were you I'd approach her and casually start up a conversation. See if you can catch her at lunchtime or in the hallways between classes. Ask her what her interests are. What kind of music or movies she likes. Anything! Make a joke about one of your weird teachers even! That'll bring a smile to her face and put her at ease. Ask if she has any plans for the weekend and if she doesn't then ask her out. Take her out to lunch or for ice cream and for a walk in the park or something like that. Just make sure you take it slow and be her friend first. You can even ask her to go to that dance with you even if its a turnaround. Also I wouldn't really worry about what people in your community would think if the two of you started hanging out together or dating. I'm sure they would think its pretty nice. Good luck!

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Just a sugestion but if I were you I would ask her out when you have to ask her in question in your foreigh language class then ask her out in that foreign language. If you don't know how to say it in whatever language you are taking then I'd do some research.


Good Luck

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