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Uncut penis - problem - PLEASE HELP

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Hey people...this is my first time posting a message and I would REALLY appreciate as many responses as possible.


Im 16 years old and am planning to have sex with my girlfriend pretty soon. i have an uncut penis but my mates were telling me that if i want to use a condom, i have to pull the skin back on my penis when i put it on, is this true?

that same night i tried to pull my skin back and i can easily do it if im not hard but when ive got an erection, i cant pull the skin back past my head.


i really need some advice on this from guys or girls....anyone that knows anything about this.......is it a problem that i cant pull the skin all the way back?? do i have to pull the skin back when putting on a condom??


im really worried in a way because it sort of hurts if i try to pull the skin back when im hard....


waiting for your responses...


your help is GREATLY appreciated........thank you

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Hi NeedHelpNow !


I understand exactly what you are talking about.


Firstly, don't panic or worry - it's perfectly OK !


During sex, the penis gets hard, and the foreskin gains the ability to "peel" back and reveal the head. The pain is normal due to a piece of skin that attaches the foreskin to the head - thus causing some pain when it is"peeled".


Many times when I have had protected sex, I have put the condom straight on, and during sex, the movement of the penis and the tightness of the vagina have caused the foreskin to "peel" itself down !


Granted, sometimes, if the penis is a bit dry, this can hurt, and if it is wet, then it happens much easier. Also, some people use lubricants for this and it might help your situation. Don't worry though, there are natural lubricants that the penis creates to make the exact issue you are worried about resolve ! Relax, and enjoy the experience. Make sure you are comfortable, and remember that from time to time, there can be a bit of pain involved, but it's perfectly OK !


Hope this helps you some,

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This is about not being able to pull the skin back without pain. This is not normal and you should see a doctor about it. From what I have read the skin should come back easily.


And I myself am also uncut but I can get it back with not pain or massive force.


I don't know about what to do with the condom.


Hope that this will help you.



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You've got a bigger problem than foreskin.


Should you really be sleeping with a girl that you are not married to? What if the condom breaks and you get her pregnant?


Sex is for 2 mature adults who can handle the consequences of any result that it provides.


Think about it.

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I have an uncut shlong and I remember when I was 13-14 the skin was attached to the rim of the head.. after a little rough masturbation it came down all the way (it was an accident..) it hurt yeah but after that it was easy to pull back.. is that what your talking about?

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