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Don't understand his signs,Does he like me or not?Pls Help!!

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There's this guy whom I've fallen for, we study in the same college, and I'm really confused over our 'status' at the moment, cause at first I thought he was interested in me. When I first met him (he's a friend's friend), I didn't have feelings for him, but I felt like he was checking me out. He'd try to make small talk sometimes and would smile at me or give me a "special look" everytime we bumped into each other,and his friends would nudge him or smile knowingly if I were around them. He'd be staring right at me accross a crowded room too (well, judging from all these signs, I just assumed he likes me). Even though I don't know him that well, soon after that I developed feelings for him too, and I hinted back very subtly that I liked him, like I'd return him a huge shy smile. This went on for nearly 2 weeks. But then, yesterday, we had class together, as usual we smiled at each other, and he sat directly infront of me. He'd turn around several times to talk to his friend who's beside me... then he did something disturbing... he started checking out another girl (very obviously) who's sitting somewhere behind me... with me sitting right there behind him. I felt a bit jealous and confused too, does he like me or was he just being friendly to me? A few days before that incident, he saw me sitting with a guy friend who I'm quite close to. Maybe he's trying to make me jealous? Or could I be overreacting here cause I'm quite a sensitive person and very shy around guys especially those I like. Please advice and tell me what to do, I really like him but I'm afraid he'll turn out to be a jerk. Thanks.

P.S. just to let you know, he's a foreign student, and his English isn't that great.

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First off he might be shy too, secound off he is a guy and we check out outher girls it is just are nature and most of the time we cant help it. Now douse he like you I would have to say there is probley some thing there. You might have to make the first move with him. Will he be a jurk that I cant tell you I would have to meet him for me to tell you that. I would say that he is confused about what you think of him and is trying to find out if you like him. Us guys arnt that bright when it comes to sings that are drected at us but we can see the sings when they are going to are friend. Well i hope that this helps you and good luck.

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Okay, my first suggestion is the obvious one: TALK TO HIM. You're guessing at a situation that can't possibly be answered if you haven't even said hello to the guy! As Cid said, he may be shy too, especially being from another country. Maybe he's afraid his English skills aren't good and is afraid of that. Or maybe he just has a hard time talking to girls in general.


But you won't know until you actually say hi, start a conversation of some sort. Talk about class, ask him a question about something in your studies (even if it's already something you know), ask him how he likes the country, WHATEVER. Get the ball rolling, in other words. It could be that what you're interpreting as signs WERE signs, and he's waiting to see how they're received. If he talks back, and you can chat with him for awhile, ask if he'd like to go out for coffee or something after class-it's not difficult to do, and the worst that'll happen is he'll say no for whatever reason. No harm done. But you won't know until you actually TRY!



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