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Please make it stop!


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I need help. I'm afraid I'm going to loose my 2 best and only friends. There's a new girl that just started working with us who is really cool, but she's too cool. My friends love her and she fits in with them a lot better than I do, so I just know I'm going to loose them. I like it being just me and my 2 friends. I feel sooo guilty for being jealous, but I can't help it and it is making me sick. I keep going from crying to depressed to anger and back around again. I just know they're going to start doing stuff with her all the time instead of me and I'll be phased out. I can't talk to them because I'll just sound stupid and it'll make them more withdrawn from me. I just want to not care. I can't do this anymore! This is why I try not to ever get close to anyone. I get so jealous and possesive. Please help me!

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hey there itsjustme!


im sorry to hear of your situation. but dont worry, there is nothing wrong with you, you are being completely normal, especially considering the situation you've been placed in.


i understand your worried about loosing your friends to a girl. this is a tricky situation, and might be hard to solve. have you tried to involve yourself with them? dont change your personality around them, but perhaps try and get involved more. it sounds more like an infatuation would probably be unlikely to last.


i know this might be hard, but perhaps if you dont want to join them, try looking elsewhere for what you seek. if your friends are leaving you for a girl, they arnt worth your worry! dont worry about this, there are plenty of people out there, so make sure this doesnt take over your life! you have many choices in this situation, and none is the wrong one, just be careful and patient. dont hurt anyone in the process though. your too good for that


another choice could be telling your friends how you feel. tell them your worried about whats happening and what might further happen. if they're real special to you, dont give up on them, if they dont come to their senses, help them to.


im sorry i cant help anymore! you'll be fine though!


take care and good luck!



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theres nothing to be jealous about, you've found a new person to add to your little gathering, instead of you three, it's now you four, i understand it's difficult letting someone new into your life, i don't trust a single soul other than a selected few, and in situations of meating new people, i become defensive, but your bound to meet someone new, and so are your friends, so now you just have to accept her.

If your friends start neglecting you or if they stop talking to you all together, than they were'nt your true friends to begin with, in fact if they do that, you better off not having them, personally i'd rather be alone than have fake friends lingering around in my life.

so just give it some time, you may get used to her and things may work out for the best, it's always tough bringing someone new into your life, but if she is truly a good person, then you'll have no problems, it just takes time.

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