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when to ask a girl out after you get her number


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Hey guys, im stuck! All help will be appreciated.


Ok I'm in college and im pretty shy. I have liked this girl in my class for about 2 months now. I never have tried to ask her out or anything, but today she came up to me and asked if i'd like to help her out with a phsycology project that isnt even due until 3 weeks from now. We talked quite a bit, and she seemed really interested in me, so right before she left I asked her for her phone number! (amazing). I was wondering what should I do next, should I call her tomorrow and ask her out for a movie or something? I dont want to look desperate.

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Well, I'm a woman - but here's my input. Seeing as tomorrow is Saturday, you don't want to call her tomorrow and ask her out for the same night.


The best thing to do is wait until you see her again. If you see her Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, then be nice to her Monday and ask her out on Wednesday for a movie on Friday or Saturday. If you see her on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then go ahead and ask her out on Tuesday for a weekend date. (You want to ask her out at least a day or two before you plan the date. This gives her time to anticipate the date and get excited about it.) Besides, you know she's interested because she gave you her number. Good Luck!

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The way I see it, she wouldn't have given you her # if she wasn't interested-CALL HER! Tomorrow's Saturday...if you call her at 11 or so, you'll give her plenty of time to get an outfit or whatever. But definitely give her a call.....if I was in her shoes, I'd wonder what was with a guy who asks for my number and then sits on it for a week or whatever, waiting to call me.......lol




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Have you ever seen the movie "Swinger's" ?? I do what they do and you should do it also... Wait 6 days...Call her next thursday...Honestly she will think that you are still interested but not desperate. Most guy's wait the normal 3 days but if you wait at least 5 or 6 day's you're $$$.

Ask her out for a drink or coffee then take it from there...

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