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Home made video?

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I was just wondering,has anyone ever had any bad experiences in making pornographic videos with their partners or taking nude photos and stuff like that? (Just for your own pleasure)?


I was thinking about doing a little movie for my bf using his web cam(Obviosly not to be broadcast on the web,just recorded onto his computer)

We have taken photos and stuff in the past but never got them developed coz i think you can actually get in trouble for those sorts of things and plus we didnt want some chump looking at me whilst developing them


I know you will probably say about what happens if he shows anyone or anything...I know for a FACT that that would never happen. He would NEVER allow anybody else to see such things,especially me. So thats not really the problem,its just im not exactly a computer whizz as such,i know how they work and the basics,but my question is that if i did do this for him,is there anything that could possibly go wrong computer-wise?


I dont wanna end up broadcast all over the net for everyone to see!!! Anyone got any thoughts,or done anything similar??Thanks to everyone that replies,PM me if you prefer. 8)

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Well first of all why are you asking if anything can go wrong "Computer wise" on a romance forum? - Sure there will be a few techno's here bu this isn't the right place to ask for PC advice!


2nd You say your sure he will never show anyone. How sure? - Did you not know that most men like to show off and show their friends what their woman will do to please them? - You do realise he could get paid quite well by porn collecting sites if he sells the video don't you?


My personal advice is don't do it. If you happy to let him see you naked in real life then why does he need it to watch on video???


Kinda makes ya wonda..

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I'm with Turboz on this one. Yes I know you swear he would never show the pics or video to someone else. Well what happens if you two break up? Don't say it can never happen, because it can. Those pictures or videos could surface anywhere, at any time. Lots of people have lived to regret doing something like that years later.


Let him enjoy you in person. Pics and videos are no substitute for the real thing.

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Turboz: I was asking for advice and the forum was not picked by me,but i believe it to be the correct one,its a request for advice all the same,but thanks for your imput.

Avman for your advice,i am a little sketchy as to whether i should or not,and i have definitely taken what you said into consideration.


But i stand by my earlier word...I KNOW for a FACT that he would NEVER let it get in the wrong hands and wouldnt show ANYBODY.It wouldnt matter if we had broken up,i believe.


I dont know i guess im just looking for others stories if anyone else has done it and enjoyed doing it?

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Should you really want to do it, I would say to go with Ash's advice, one tap. Sure copies could be made of it, but it would spread much more slowly.


If you use a webcam... bad idea . I'm sure you know how quickly data can transferred over the internet. I'm sure you wouldn't like seeing yourself on Kazaa or on some other website. Once it's out there, it's too late, it will be copied over and over from one person to another and that's it.


I say use a tape.


Yes I know you swear he would never show the pics or video to someone else. Well what happens if you two break up? Don't say it can never happen, because it can. Those pictures or videos could surface anywhere, at any time. Lots of people have lived to regret doing something like that years later.


My point exactly.


I KNOW for a FACT that he would NEVER let it get in the wrong hands and wouldnt show ANYBODY.It wouldnt matter if we had broken up,i believe.


I'm sure you realise that's impossible. Facts are things that can be observed and proved. Not only can't you prove that five years from now you will be together (although I hope for you that you will) but you can't also prove that once you're not together, he won't show it to everyone.


This probably upsets you in some way, but it's just the plain truth. It's just like saying the sky is blue, this is a fact. Even if you came to me and tried to prove me that the sky is pink, I wouldn't believe you. What I'm trying to say is, whatever you do, be realistic. I think you want so much to believe that you try to convince yourself that he would never do it.


In order to make the right decision for you, you have to be aware of the consequences, not try to avoid them. Do you think that when someone gets married to someone else they expect their mate to cheat on them? Of course not, but it does happen. So whatever you do, be rationnal (never is seldom used to it's true meaning).




OmegA MaN

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i definatly don't think you should do it on his web cam. what if like a friend of his, or his brother, or sister, or parents, or anyone needed to use his computer & they came accross your little video? making videos of yourself is like the biggest risk. for one thing, you don't know where you & your bf will be in a couple years, or maybe even a couple months (not to sound mean, or anything), i mean something could happen where you get into a fight & out of revenge, your boyfriend does something with the tape. i know you say your bf would NEVER show anyone & i really do believe that it might be true because i know that if i made something like that for my bf he wouldnt show anyone, but that doesn't mean that nothing is possible. also, if you make a tape, what if he forgets to take it out of his vcr & someone comes a long & sees it in there & says "hmm...i wonder what this is"... now i don't know anything about your bf's living condition, like whether he lives with his parents, alone, or with friends, or alone but friends come over a lot, or with you... so you have to consider those things too. my advice would be to make sure that your 100% sure that nothing could go wrong... if your so worried about it, why do you want to take a risk like this... im sure there's other things that you can do for your bf that would be just as special.

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Thanks for all your advice.I would just like to say that i really have taken into account that i cant always predict the future and all the 'what ifs' have come into my mind.Still,even though i may not even do it,i stand by my earlier comment...BOYFRIEND OR EX-BOYFRIEND I KNOW THIS MAN and there is a VERY VERY VERY slim chance that anything would go wrong regarding other people seeing it.Im being realistic,hearing people telling me about web cams i dont think i would ever use one of those,i was a bit concerned about that anyway so you guys have confirmed my suspicions.


But your right i suppose i could do other things,just wouldnt be such a laugh...or i could always tell him that he has to be involved...then his ass would be on the line aswell!!! Hehe thanks people..

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a VERY VERY VERY slim chance that anything would go wrong regarding other people seeing it.


Ah but there is a world of difference between being admitting there is a probability and saying that It can never happen. I'm glad, you took that into consideration.


Omega Man

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Ok,i will change what i have said to this.I dont BELIEVE that my boyfriend would show anybody or let anything personal between us get into the wrong hands EVER.That may not be the case,it could happen by accident,but thats what i believe to be true.thanks for your concern(i mean that)its good that people are showing me both sides of the coin but aside from what i actually posted about it wouldnt happen.Chances are i wont do it anyway but i feel strongly about this.

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It's all a matter of trust, isn't it? Can he trust you? Can you trust HIM? what if you break up? who keeps the pics/vids. Discuss all that BEFORE you "get the cameras rolling" so to speak. I knew a couple that decided to do some home grown porn, only to have the wife distribute the pics in a fit of pique against her ex who happened to be my boss! Apparently, he was into cross dressing, and that didn't sit too well with our conservative company. Yet, on the other hand my ex-husband's parents used to take "naughty pics" of each other, and when my mother in law died...as a form of respect,t he pictures were sealed in an envelope and buried with her! So its six of one or half a dozen of the other. The answer: communication!

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Never say never. Here is my 2 cents worth....


In the course of my last relationship which lasted a few years I have taken hundreds of photos of my hot girlfriend both digitally and using traditional film. We made 2 videos which included everything you can imagine in a normal porno save for s&m. We were in love, and it was magical according to her even.


My ex was very conservative, moral, and pure. She was not a slut and had no problems. She was just one of those quiet girls with a hidden exibitionist streak. Sometimes the right guy can bring that out in a girl.


I assured her that I would never ever do anything with the media. She loved the fact that it brought out the exibitionist in her. She trusted me 100%. We had such good and solid trust built on 3 years of love.


My ex was super hot.


We thought we would be together until we die of old age, at least I did. "I feel like the happiest girl in the world" she would say almost daily... We had a very good relationship. We were the envy of all her female and my male friends, and most people we came accross. Even my best friend said how jelous he was of my success.


Well one day life put a setback in front of my face, because thats what life is, one challenge after another...a time came whent the strength of the relationship was tested.


One day I lost my job. Just like that in a blink of an eye thanks to our failing economy. Shortly after I fell ill from stress and pressure.


Despite the setbacks, she kept saying how happy she was...


But at the same time after 3+ years together my ex decided that it was time to look elswere. She just failed to inform me about it.


She thought a guy like me can be found around every corner, except the next one will come with a BMW (yippie) and will take her to all those exotic places that I said I would take her but couldn't all of a sudden ......so she met someone, developed feelings for him, had something with him, and walked out on me. (a woman's heart can be as ficle as an autumn sky). Just like that. No warning no explanations.


She broke up with me in a most terrible way, with much lies and decit. (problem most girls have due to not wanting to hurt the guy's feelings). She lied and lied, becasue it was so difficult to leave, and tell me the truth, and with every subsequent action on her part she dug a deeper hole for herself.


How do you honor your promises to someone who has tossed out a really good rleationship for material gain, someone who destroyed trust, lied to you hundreds of times, used you, and basically kicked you to the curb because the grass looked so much greener on the other side.


Why would you care about a person who lost respect for you just becasue things got a little tough, and they bailed instead of helping or sticking by your side. How do you honor your promises when you find out that everything your g/f was telling you was crap becasue she didn't want to hurt you further, and that everyting, all your heart you have given, all your dreams, just faded in a blink of an eye? Why would you care about what you promised to someone when they decided that they "couldn't see themselves happy in the future with you", but 3+ years of happiness weren't enough to convince them.


So now I sit here with a stack of my edited and digitally mastered Cds, DVDs, photos, and videos of my Ex and every day I ask myself whether I should share them with 20 million Kazaa users. We're talking gigabytes of data. Every position, toys, hundreds of g-string shots, full nudes, masterbation, penetration you name it. I don't give a shit if someone sees my naked *ss but I know everyone is dying to see hers. Think of how many guys would get-off to her pics. I could put smiles on so many faces for but a moment. hehe..people might still be downloading all that stuff for years..


Every day I ask myself whether I should maybe put them on that webpage I made or make some money, whether I should sell them to a adult image broker who will distribute them to every porno page on the web, or just email them around. Some days when I really miss her I really want to make her feel the same anger, the same pain...I want to get even, to cause her some hurt even if its minimal, or just maybe I think it will make me feel better if I do this. (but deep down I know it won't)


What is my point?


Never say never. Never say that he would never do it. Never think that you will be together with this person, and never assume what might or might not happen. If you want to be safe, I reccomend you do not make videos or take pictures that are beyond what you see in Playboy. If you want to be kinky take a soft core picture or pictures of yourself and that is it. No sex. No videos.


I am a very good man so I am not going to post her vidios or pics on the net, or at least I hope that I don't. I love her and I understand that she did what she did becasue it was all she knew how to do. I am mature enough to look within myself and see what I did wrong and learn from it. But I am only human, just like everyone else, and like everyone else I have moments of weakness and anger or hate. I don't think I would do do anything though....


But what about in a year when I no longer have feelings for her? What about when I see the guy she cheated on me with? What about when I run into her and her new boyfriend and he says something that pisses me off? What if she says something harsh next time she sees me? What about in a year when I am sitting with my friends and my new girlfriend and one of them checks out my photo album, or my new girlfriend suggests I upload some pics becasue she hates my ex, is angry that I am closed up, unwilling to trust or am such a prick now.


What about when I am depressed as hell and feel hurt and betrayed? What about when I had 6 beers and I feel like crap after looking at some of our pictures or watching a video?


What about in 10 years when she runs for office or is a vp of some company or maybe in the media? How much would Hustler pay for a complete collection? $250,000... half a million? Shit I might do it for less then 1k depending on where I am in life, and whether I might need the money for some new tires or a new golf bag.


Its a constant struggle, knowing secrets and having options that could destroy another person or at least embaress them greately. Other men do not have nearly as much self control as I do. Most in a instant would stick all that stuff on Kazaa, and on to the net. Every one of my friends who I told that I have a few pics of my ex (who have never seen any) said that they would have stuck that stuff on the net without a second thought.


The point I am making is that nothing in life is certain. One can only hope, and hope is a fleeting thing that can change from day to day.


For me its a daily struggle between rightousness/keeping my word and revenge.


Imagine yourself leaving your relationship, and how your subsequent behivor might cause your dear man to hate you. See him leaving you for another woman. Imagine yourself wondering what he might do with the stuff you guys made together once he is with another woman. It might be the best porno video his friends have ever seen.


Also consider 2 other things: Once porn gets on the net it is there forever. Its not like 10 years ago when it was safe to take pictures or video. Video is media and media has an uncanny way of making itself onto the net. One picture replicates like a virus that you will never be rid off. In 20 years your son might look at your young *ss and get hot over it.


Secondly if you make a tape or pictures you can always loose it, misplace it or accidently give it to someone.


It always amazes me when people make such black and white statements like "never", or "forever" or "I dont't BELIEVE he would do this or that." Remember life is change. Everything might change tomorrow in the blink of an eye. Play it smart and protect your image becasue you might end up being the catalyst that destroys it and you don't even realize it yet. You have absolutely no idea what your feelings might be tellng you in 6-12 months or even 2 years from now. You might be alone or with another. Never assume that your feelings for your partner might not change. Never assume that his feelings won't change for you either. My ex loved me until life tested the bonds that held us together. Expect the unexpected and prepare for it. Life would not be fun otherwise.


Don't mean to sound negative, i'm just trying to put soem reality into persepctive.


Oh and whoever said something about Paris Hilton.... Paris Hilton does not count. When you have 350 million or 4 billion dollars like those 2 twins who will eventually end up in playboy I am sure of it, showing your *ss on TV or internt is a good thing. Money buys lawyers and inherited money deludes the brain so a person wants attention and escape. Paris Hilton comes from a lifestyle that defies conventional living. Its a different story, a whole different level of existence and should not be compared here. Ask yourself what you would do if you were worth billions and wanted attention?

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