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I need some help...


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Okay I'm sure some of you have read my "Asking out a girl in front of her friends" topic, and my question relates to some of the stuff I said in that topic. So I asked that one girl Brianna to home coming (she was sitting with some of her friends, but I donno if they were watching cuz I was looking into her eyes the whole time...) and she asked me "I need to think about it...can I get back to you later?" I told her sure and then I asked her about it today and she politely told me "I'm not really planning on going to home coming, and if I went it would probably just be with friends.." I told her thats its okay and said bye. Both times when I asked her she gave me a big smile. And earlier today in health class 1st period (my only class with her) she was looking over at me and then I looked over at her and we made eye contact and smiled. Then at lunch today before I asked her about home coming she kept looking over at me.


So, since she didn't technically reject me or anything, do you think that there is a possibility that she would say yes if I asked her out on a regular date some time in the near future? Also considering that she kept looking over at me and we made eye contact a couple times gives me the feeling that she might be interested..


(And just to get this out of the way because on the last topic I posted everyone who replied was a weird 'tard and assumed stuff: She isn't a popular b*tchy prep, she doesn't hang out in big mobs of people, she usually only hangs out with a couple friends in a not-crowded area, she's really nice, and she's a brunette)

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i guess for some people, going for homecoming is like getting engaged. if you tell her it's just an ordinary date, no need to put deposit down for a home, she might reconsider. but if she has firm belief in the homecoming thing is reserved for boyfriend only, and you're not him (yet), ask her to go with friends, but to save the first and last dance for you.

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Eh I'll just skip home coming. I'm only a freshman, so I have the the next 3 years for homecoming and there are plenty of other dances this year that aren't as uhh expensive as homecoming. When I say a regular date I mean to like the movies or something. Thats actually what I have planned now, since its getting close to Halloween I think I should just take her to see a scary movie cuz then when she gets scared she'll get close to me and we can cuddle... So would it be okay if I just took her to see a movie some time instead of homecoming? And maybe on Halloween me and her could go to like some haunted house or something..

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She isn't someone thats insanely sought-after or anything. She's just a regular girl. I also think that she's a little shy, which is probably the reason why she said that she isn't going to homecoming in the first place. At lunch she usually hangs out with a small group (3-6 ppl) of friends that is all girls. She is very pretty to me, and she isn't some stupid popular anorexic blonde girl. Homecoming is next Saturday, the 25th, and tickets next week will cost $17 each w/o an asb discount card, so I don't think she'd want to go and end up spending that much money just so her and her friends can go to homecoming w/o a date. (Oh and BTW, if she had said yes then I would have paid for her ticket)


So I guess I'd be safe asking her some time next week if she'd like to go see a movie with me, right? Any suggestions for a good movie to see on a first date?

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the best movie to see is a movie you both want to see. so ask her. better talk first, find out what she's interested in, then look at what you like to watch, and suggest some common ground movie that's currently hot (so she & you might not have seen it yet)

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