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ending it officially

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its been a while since i last posted here about the situation between me and my ex. well here is the latest.


we havent seen each other or spoken or had any form of communication in the last 3 weeks. its been hard but i find myself not thinking about her as much as i did and i'm moving on with my life. i was asked out by a girl in one of my classes and went out. i was fair to her and explained to her my situation. she was ok with it and we agreed both to be friends.


anyways, i received an email from the ex the other day. it was basically a closure letter. she has always tried to explain to me why everything happened but i never understood. i think she finally realized that and that is why she wrote the letter. the letter ended weeks of not noing, although i kinda figured it out by myself , but it felt better hearing it from her.


the reason for this post.


i felt that i should write something back. i wrote an email explaining how i felt and my reactions to her email. but did not send it. i kinda want to tell her in person and end this relationship in person and on good terms. we were like best friends and we were amazing together. she's my soul mate. the reason for us parting ways is to find ourselfs as we lost that over the last 2.5 years. she believes that its better to do it apart.


i just want to end it officiallly but not over email.. what should i do? should i just send the email or go to her house tonight and read it to her or let her read it? i am kinda reluctant to go to her house cause she is really busy with school. Help what do i do? does anyone have any other suggestions.

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Don't go!


You can write a letter, too but you don't have to send it. Think about you are moving on a little bit finally! If you see her in person you will definitely "move back", not forward! Do you want to get painful feeling again?


This is just my opinion, if you are my best friend, I will certainly tell you : "NO. don't see her"!!!


Meet her when you are totally healed and 100% moved one. Maybe at that time when your broken heart is healed, you won't be interested in seeing her at all. Honest!



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