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i like him so much, bt im so scared!help!

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for quite a while now i've been growing closer to my friend luke. We are such good friends but recently, well for some time now, i've felt such strong feelings for him. He is really good looking and popular but actually really shy especially with girls and stuff. I was in a relationship about 1/2 year ago and our break up was bad, but when i'm with luke he makes me so happy inside, better than my ex ever made me feel.

We are sort of flirty around each other, he came to dance with me at a ball recently, and tomorrow he has invited me out to a gig hes playing. but i dont know what all this means, many of my friends have said he must like me, but i really dont think i have a chance, and im too scared to say anything to him, and also worried what would happen if he found out i liked him, as i dont think he likes me. but i like him sooo much and he is one of my best boy m8s. what should i do!!??? please help me!!



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Regret is forever!! When I look back on my life many times I find myself thinking "I should have done that". Especially when I think about high school. I remember thinking that certain girls were so hot, and wanting to date them. I always thought I never had a chance. Well after school I moved away for College, and now after 5 years I am back. I have run into a lot of my old friends from High School. You know what? They thought I was cute, funny, and a nice guy. Some of them (most of whom are now in relationships) have told me that they wanted to date me too. So my point is that you have nothing to loose. Often times friendships make the best relationships. remember regret is forever, and pain is only temporary. So go for it!!

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