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Good or Bad..what do you think???

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Ok, I had a boyfriend March 1st til May 11th. He broke up with me because he said he was moving, which he didnt. After the break-up and up until maybe 2 weeks ago he wouldnt really talk to me. He used to always come to my house (like every night)...and afterwards he hasnt been since. Well last night I talked to him and asked if he was going to come visit me..and he said no...then i dont know. Well I was sitting on my bed and I heard a "tap" on my window, and it was him. I went outside and hugged him, and told him to come on inside. While we were inside he leaned over and kissed me. When he was about to leave, I asked him...are you ever going to be my boyfriend again..(when i asked him before he said NO), but when i said it last night he said "i dont know, maybe!"...he said it kinda enthuised. And I said well good nite and i hugged him, and he kissed me again!! What do you think this means or is it nothing good?

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Dream is most likely right, but don't rule out that he's just a little confused about what's going on in his life. If he was going to move and didn't, and now isn't shore about what's going to happen then he might just be confused and scared. talk to the guy about what's going on in his life and not about weather or not your going to get back together next time you see him.

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gal she did lead you on for 2 months and that is not good if you had sex with him and etc.. he may have only wanted that. Becareful the next time some guys are just *beep* but other are not ok. I was told to give them a chance but I don't not that I should But you can if you want to you have not gone through the experinces i have. But have hope you may find the right one ok.

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