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nice turn of fate


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well, i just posted the What is with this girl, and i have some good news, turns out the guy she chose over me said hes not going with her now ( i told ya he was a jerk) and i have found another date in short period of time. So it seems that her karma has caught uo with her, now shes in the situation she put me in, how mice. its not that im wishing malaicious things on her, but she did some pretty "insert naughty words here" stuff. well at least its all good now, just thought id tell everyone! My First Real Type Date Thing, YAYAYAY!

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I have always felt the same way, everyone that has ever wronged me has always gotten what they deserved, i have never needed to lend a hand.


one time my fiance's sisters B/F was drunk and sucker punched me, well two days later he gets in a car accident busted his nose real bad. all the time these thing happen to those that wrong me.


As for my ex, she broke up with me just to get me out of the way to see if she could make up with her ex, well her ex already had a girl, and not only that, the lies she made up about having someone else, to get me out of the way, backfired, now everyone thinks she was cheating on me, and she has this bad rep. (small town).


But you see, and remember this, there biggest loss is the fact, that they lost the best man they could ever dream of having, for the rest of their lives. cause I sure the heck dont want her anymore.


So good for you, and good luck with the new love in your life. mine is also looking up recently its great.

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