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keep him for the money or leave for my heart

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here is my dilmena, i am in a relationship and my boyfriend has a lot of money and so of course women flock to that. now i know he is cheating i am not a stupid girl. there are too many calls from women and too many lies being told to explain his whereabouts. since i have been with him my lifestyle has become very comfortable, but i also care for him a great deal we were best friends for 3 years before we started an intimate relationship (that is why i know he is cheating, he has done it before). should i stay in this relationship and continue my comfortable living style and just suck it up, or do i leave and become lonely again.

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Ok you think about it, do you wanna be in pain, hurt and down in the dumps.


Or free from it to move on and find another guy who is well off.


It's a hard situation cos it's your heart involved here. There are a lot of guys out there who will take you for who you are and have only you not other woman, and are also well off.


But you have to kick this guy out of your life and give the other guys a chance. Its about love not money.

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I agree with Dream. Money cannot buy happiness (comfort maybe, but not happiness).


There are plenty of good men out there. You deserve better. You think you will be lonely if you leave - but in reality you'll be lonely if you stay because he's out there cheating on you and you know it.

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That staying in a relationship for the "money" is a hard way to make a living. This is your own call, I think that you need to tell mr moneybags that you know he is seeing other people in a romantic way-- and then ask what that means to your relationship with him. Think about what you know about his parents, did his dad possibly have a mistress? If so he probably "thinks" it is ok.


Honey, this is how you earn the right to stear the relationship how you will: you drop an ultimatum on his lap that would make George Bush quiver!



Tell him that you don't see yourself staying in this sort of a relationship with a cheater, or two-timer or however you wish to put it. Just like a child who is getting away with something really cool, he needs to be just put in his place to know that what he is doing to you is diminishing the relationship and leave it at that. he needs to know that you know that he is lying to you and that you aren't going to put up with it anymore.


Basically he needs the "challenge" to help him focus his attention on you, you deserve that don't you? Play hard to get!

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