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first time kissing need help

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hi, i'm.. 15 and i'm planning on asking this girl out that i've liked for the longest time. This friday, and this might be my first girlfriend if anything. And she likes me alot as well, so what i know for sure is she would want to make out.. yet i've never made out before.. and she's really good at it.. have any tips? and suggestions?? do's donts.. anything will do. PLEASE thanks!

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Ah to be 15 again, my first kiss seems like a distant faded memory but I do have some advice, especially if she's more "seasoned" than you.


Let her lead, it's like dancing. Feel free to initiate the kiss but keep in mind she's teaching you. Just close your eyes and let it happen, react on what she's doing and you'll be fine. Once you figure out what it is she's doing (and generally what it is she likes) you can return it. Just try not to get nervous thinking about it.


Good luck.

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gIving this kind of information to a person of your age something makes me think. But ok. First kisses are the best and if you doing to do anything talk to dad about it and protect yourself, it is best. talking to dad , if it feels uncomfortible talk to an older person that will give you some excellent pointers on what to do because I don't know your culture and i don't wnat to contradict myself and thereforeeee confuse you. Ok

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duhast is right. let her lead. figure out what she's doing & do the same thing back. practice makes perfect, so don't expect to have it all down the first time you kiss. just relax & every thing will go fine. people always worry about their first kiss & think they don't know how to kiss, but all you need to do is just relax & try not to think so hard about what you're doing. also, make sure you take things slow with her if she becomes your gf because its more likely to be a better longer lasting relationship.

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