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You're Loved


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You're Loved


Even if the world looks bleak

And the friends are weak

And the people are users

And the helpers are posers

Just remember: You're loved.


Even if they ignore you

And the tears roll down you

And the pain it hurts you

And your life just scares you

Please remember: You're loved


Even if you don't believe it,

Even if you can't see it,

Even if they all hate you,

Even if they all use you,

You're loved.


It doesn't matter who,

It doesn't matter why,

Just know it's true,

Doesn't need to be proved,

Remember: You're loved.

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i wasnt going to write anything to this, but the more i read it the more i loved it.


even though im not really down at the moment, i think a poem like this would really help anyone who was having doubts about themselves or just going through one of lifes ordeals.


even though its a poem, i think you should post this in the "quotes" page. thats where i like to go if im feeling abit under the weather, and this is definently one of my favs!


beautiful poem Anamarie89

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