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I've never done this before and I really need advice.

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I have had only one sexual partner in my past. I am on my second partner currently. We have only had sex twice. He keeps pushing the idea of having sex with me on top. And I keep pushing the idea away. Mr reason for doing so is because I have never done it and Im afraid. I have no idea how to even start on top let alone proceed on top. I have heard stories from other women that it is painful and hard to keep the penis is. I would like ANY advice on how to start, how to proceed, how to keep it in, and how to make it enjoyable. Please help in any way you can.

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I agree with shadowdancer, I've never felt pain when I was on top... But the position can be different, the one shadow talked about it the normal one, which most of the time is more pleasurable for women, because we control the pace, and the pressure and everything... Which is very nice if you like that sort of thing (which I do) The reason he might want you to be on top, is that he may want you to take control and be assertive?


The slipping out thing can be prevented by just having him hold on, and slipping out occurs all the time in every position.


I hope this helps

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How do you start on top? If you are kissing each other, get into his lap and straddle his lap, facing him. It might take a little guiding, but it is fairly simple to get going. Apparently this position can be most advantageous to the gal because you can grind onto him as it feels best and you can also control how deep he goes. As the girls before me mentioned, you may want your partner to hold onto your hips and keep you close. How to make it enjoyable? Just let go and enjoy yourself. Don't be self-conscious, move how you feel best. One tip I've heard is to sit back a little and rest your rear against his pelvic bone/upper thighs, allowing him a view of your nether regions, so he may be at liberty to increase your enjoyment using whatever faculties he has handy.


Most importantly, as long as you love and trust your partner, anything goes. Even if you don't know exactly what you're doing, your partner will surely be glad you're trying. And remember that although sex is natural, most people have to work at their skills in the bedroom. It's all about learning what feels comfortable and right between yourself and another person, in the most intimate and personal way.



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