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Dont really know.....????


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Hi there!!

Its the friend of mine whom I love I stopped talking to due to some reason as I was not in the mood to. I ignored her for a awhile. But after 3 days she also was the same... i mean she didnt talked to much. She showed as if I mean nothing to her... but when I asked my friend to check what she was doin.. she was just lookin at me.. She shows as though she doesnt cares but still lookes at me as she used to do before.

Do u think she loves me????

Other wise with other guys if she was not to talk she wouldnt even spit at them.

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Humm..... that sucks that your friend wont talk to you. Your best bet is to talk to her and find out what you did wrong. (remember with girls it is all ways your falt) (dont hit me girls you have to agree with me on that one) That is all that you can do. Well I hope every thing goes well.

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