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I have this really best friend, and we are really close. I have tried to tell her that i like her, but not as direct, once she said " where would you be without me?" and i said " it would be like hell on earth, but, you're here so i guess it just makes heaven on earth." and then i would finish with " I love you" and she would be like " awww....lol". i just dont get. i really need help on this, if anybody has any suggestions, please reply. [/b]

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Well, you came as close as you could to stating your real feelings in a joking manner that you could. It didn't work...tell her flat-out. It's hard as heck, but it's quite honestly the only way you're going to know if she feels the same. If you don't want to jump in with a big, serious discussion about how you truly are attracted to her, try something like sending her flowers, possibly with a note attached that says something to the effect of "Something to brighten your day like you brighten mine EVERY day." Kinda corny, but friends generally don't send flowers to other friends. (At least, not MY male friends, and I've had tons over the years.......lol)


If that fails, you'll have to just tell her, if you can do that. She may tell you she doesn't feel the same way or doesn't want to jeopardize the friendship, which you'll have to accept. But you won't know until you really tell her. Quite often, we miss the obvious because we're not expecting it.....that could be the case here! Good luck, I hope she swoons for you!



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