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falling apart over a girl ...

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hey , this is my third topic about this girl that lives next door well my parents went shopping and i decided to go along when they were checking out guess who was the cashier yup the one and only NEIGHBOR

and this is where the story gets strange when i saw her there my eyes just filled with tears i have no idea why i went to the men's room to dry them out hoping when i got back that my parents would be done but nooooo ! we are just getting there and you are probly wondering why i was avoiding her well the answer is because i could hardly look at her without crying and i have a g/f who i absolutly adore (she is over the comp) but i cant get this girl out of my head why ?! omg im so deppressed my world has gone dark i just want to die kill my self make it look like an accedent so i dont look selfish , so pathetic over this damn girl what do i do ? i know im over reacting but i cant help the way i feel

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Ok its time for me to try to help someone...


Self Control by friend, you need self control. You're mind is playing tricks on you, whenever you get thoughts in your mind about this "girl next door", it is you're conscience trying to mess with you, you must somehow block her out of your mind, try to tell your conscience to get lost, and think about your gf more.


If you cry about things like this, then you ain't no man, woman want a man, a man is someone who have more things to do then worry about woman. So if you can't tell your conscience to get lost, then try occupying yourself with a lot of activities to get your mind of the woman.


Your mind can be your greatest weapon or your weak spot. It's up to you to decide what you want your mind to be, once you can take control of your own conscience, you can do whatever the hell you want...


I hope this helps.

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