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i cant agree with u more. at first i was chasing my girl because i loved her and didnt think i would ever get anyone like her again. having the time to think does wonders. i would question why god would not return my prayers when i asked for a second chance. now, 3 months on, i am thanking Him for giving me the chance to make myself a better person, read the advice i read, and know that she is the one that should b chasing someone like me. i still want her back, but i dont need her, and with these 3 months apart, i know that if she ever came back i now have the knowledge never to let her go again, and to keep her. the only downside is if she didnt come back, and that i will regret not having the knowledge when we was still together and now only remember my time with her and what was and could have been. but even if she didnt come back, i have become a better person and more experienced and this will benefit me for the next one.

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