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What should my next step be?!


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Theres this girl that i find very cute who ive never really met before, but I knew of her, and she knew of me to. about a month ago, I went out for dinner with a few friends one night and i saw her and she happened to be a waitress there. I introduced myself and we talked for a couple minutes then she would get back to work, but those few minutes i felt a pretty strong connection...we laughed and smiled and it felt fantastic. Ever since then i would go there like every other week or so and order food just to see her, and again, just the same little fun chitchat. I kinda asked her in a kind of joking manner if we could go out perhaps for some coffee but i dont know if she took me seriously..but she smiled at everythign i said. Anyways, being a little idiot, i asked for her email adress instead of her phone number cause i just felt as if it would be too soon, so she gave it to me, then i emailed her saying hello and what not, but she hasnt emailed me back yet. Maybe she doesnt go online that much, who knows...but what shoud i do next, shoudl i continue going there and tell her how i really feel? Im not even sure if she has a boyfriend...my friend works with her mom, and he even asked her if her daughter has one and she said "no" but what do mothers know...argh..help me out on this one.

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did you ever think that she has not email you back because you emails will automatically go into her junk mail and probably she does not check her junk mail she just deletes everything in it. and she is probably saying that you ask for the email and you did not email her. I don't think she forgot about you but she could have a bf and just wnats you for a friends because you did not ask if she has a bf in the first place so she may think that you are just a nice person. Ask her if she has a boy friends you might be giving her a false inpression.

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Let me start with that e-mail. Bad idea, always go for the phone number. How fast did you e-mail her after you got her address? Not too soon I hope.


Anyway, she does read her mails, everyone does. And if she's the type that never reads them, she would have mentionned it.


About the laughing: do not forget she works there, and you are a client. She must be friendly with you. Hold off your horses and see what comes from this.


She has your mail. If I were you, I would withdraw entirely, it's up to her now. No reply, no interest.


If you send something again or try to make contact again, you might appear too needy.


Good Luck.

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