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A shy girl I know (Need Advice)

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Thanks for stopping by. There is this girl at my school that I like that you may be a little familiar with from my previous posts. I finally got talking to her in person, and for an hour and a half online last night. Her friend says shes shy around people she doesn't know too well, and she already knows I like her. Each time I go up to her locker, like this morning, I'll just say "Hey (her name)!" and what she does is she usually turns around, gets a big smile on her face and says "hi" really quickly, and looks away. She smiles a lot to me at lunch, and when I am talking to her, she usually is smiling the whole time, and doesn't say much except for a few words after a question I ask her. She is extremely friendly, and her friend told me that I am the 1st guy she knows of to like her. I have also noticed when she is in groups she doesn't talk much. I was wondering if she likes me or something with her just smiling the whole time, and b/c when she is w/ her friend and cousin, they always say things, then look at me, smile, and so on. I also need a little help on what to say to her to make her feel more comfortable around me and not as she, so that I can get her to talk a bit more. I like her a lot and want to get to know her better. Thank you for your time!

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you should keep talking to her, smile back alot, try and be gentle. If she talks to her friends about you, then it's a GOOD thing! Just go along with it and keep talking to her. Oh, and try to find out her phone number from one of her friends. If you take the time to find out her phone number or something about her, shell know you actually like her. My roommate in boarding school loved it when a senior guy went to her friend to ask for her room extension! I hope this helps you!

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The problem is that I only get to see her a few times a day (in the morning, between classes, and at lunch) b/c I am a Junior and she is a Sophmore. So with our schedules, we don't have any classes together or anything, but we did have Biology together last year. So its kind of hard to talk to her b/c she is with a lot of other girls most of the time that I don't know too well.

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Hmm well if she is shy then you got to make the extra effort , I would walk up to her and say hi , be confident about it don’t let the other girls bother you, just pretend they aren’t there like , take it as a dare that ur mates asked you to do.


Talk about something general like the classes or school , weather something she is comfortable with also talk to her friends , make it obvious that you like her and then I am sure if she feels even a little for you she will start to open up.




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