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how much is too much?

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Hi! I really need your help in problem I am dealing with at the moment!

I am 29 and from country A. My fiance is 37 with 2 children (girls) who is from country B. We met in country C, last year, were we have been living for a few years. he left country C a few months ago and moved to his country because of work. I couldnt go with him because I am waiting for my fiance visa! Since then we are in touch with fone calls (about 3 hr a day) email and text msgs!

The problem is that we have a disagreement that we can't get over with. When I used to live with him, sometimes I would be a bit stressed out ( because I never had children and they can be a handfull sometimes) and I would want to go out and have some space with my friends! (girls). I only managed to go out once, but after that we had a big row and nearly split up! He says that if I go out without him that means that I prefer to be with my friends that night and he feels rejected! He sais he loves me so much that he prefer to spend time with me as much as possible and he can't be with me if I prefer to be with someone else, sometimes! I think friends give you something different and I need some time with them, too! he sais that we can see my friends together! We do that too, but sometimes I need to be on my own with them! I don't want to do anything to damage our relationship!

Then, we talk on the fone about 3 times a day! Sometimes I can talk how I want because I share a house with people and I don't want them to hear. I tell him we can talk later , when everyone is in bed but he gets upset and tells me that if I don't feel like talking, we shouldnt call each other anymore!

An other think that bother me is that he asked for my email adress password and he gave me his! he checks my email every day and if I delete some email he questions me about it! He sais that we feel much closer if we do that as we dont have secrets from each other! but shouldn't he trust me that I don't hide anything from him without checking my email?

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