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I nice Birthday card is fine, if your still friends, and still keep in touch, just a simple friendly Birthday card, is great.


dont put anything romantic or leading, no little hearts drawn by you or little xoxox or any of that, just send it as if it was a friend period.


Its classy thing to do, shows you have no hard feelings and that you are considerate that you remember his birthday.

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you know how it is on your bday.... you like it when people say happy birthday to you... it doesn't matter who it is that is saying it. i mean, even complete strangers will say happy bday to someone. like at the high school i went to, if you saw someone carrying bday balloons, every one always said happy bday even if they didn't know that person. so, i think you should say happy bday to your ex because he will appreciate it & it will make him feel special that you still care about him enough to remember his bday.

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