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how soon is now


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i want to bring the guy i'm interested in- closer. we've talked about going to ireland, travelling, and living in oregon. (not necessarily together- but in our future).

i want to ask him/ see if he'd like to go take a trip somewhere. i still have romantic feelings for him. i think he still has the same feelings for me, but he's been cautious.

he enjoys my character for being fun, being optimistic and sweet. how should i propose such a trip. how do i propose all these adventures in life with him- so we don't get discouraged.


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Show him you can be trusted. And if he already does completely trust you... well there should not be a problem. UI asure you, I for one would dream of adventures like that... so dont get discouraged. Although I do not understand your situation, it seems although he most probably would love to travel with you, he may not be ready for it... which is why you are concerned I assume.


Well, everybody is different, and everbody thinks differently. Maybe you could propose the idea in a different light. Maybe propse the idea as a break, or a time to think etc. But like so many things in life, the best way of sorting a situation such as yours is to be outright with him about your dreams and feelings. I suggest you plainly ask him whether he would like to go. If he says no, make sure you leave the option open to him. I know first hand whats its like to turn down an opportunity and realise later how you wished the opportunity still existed... so be sure to leave the option open. But talking is the key. Face to face. Cause you dont talk with your mouth when it comes to these soughts of things... its in the body language... a constant truth in a deteriorating society.



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