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Sooooo Confused(need a guyz point of view)

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[/b]HELP!!!! I am so confused I hope some one can give me some decent advice......I met this guy on the net he wanted the same things in life as me relationship, future marriage,life goals etc....We would talk and talk on the phone for hours then he came to see me and it was all good but then the 4th time he came to see me , when he got home he was actin different and said he felt pressured and he is not ready for a relationship and now he tells me we are still gonna see where things go but he dont want to lead me on . I asked him how can u lead me on if we both understand that he is not ready for a relationship, he said he dont know but then what does we gonna see where this is gonna go mean( does it mean we gonna take it slow and see if we are really compatiable??)

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I hope he is not hiding something, anyway, it could be that he felt things were moving to fast and he needs to step back and see what he is doing is the right thing.


Its so easy to type out all these wonderful plans and ideas over the net, its another thing to put them into practice and make them real, yes, he probably wants all those things with you, but, he may have come to discover he isnt really ready yet, either emotionally or economically maybe both.


So take it slower, dont pressure him to much relationship wise, when you get together handle them as dates, for now, just think of the present moment, if love is there, the rest will come naturally.

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Did you guys get physical? If so, he's probably done with chasing you.


Don't assume that just b/c you meet a guy on the net (well anywhere in genral) that he's completely honest with you.


Some guys will sweet talk the pants out of you, trust me, anything that you want to hear, they will say...


It's hard to tell if a guy is sincerely interested in you. Just watch his actions, be patient, and watch out for lies.

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