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I don't trust him at all even though I try

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I've been in a relationship for 6ys have 3 beautiful kids, 2 kids from a previous relationship and 1 with my fiance that I'm with now.


My problem is that for the years that we have been together there has been a lot of ups & downs like in any other relationship.


But for the past 2 yrs it's been real hard because I've caught him cheating on me and he has admitted to the cheating and I've packed and left him for a couple of weeks and he has promised that he will change and that it won't happen again and I've believed him and return home.


But when I do return things are good for a couple of days and he goes back to doing the same thing over again.


So I don't trust him at all even though I try 2 but it's so hard and he feels the same way about me that he can't trust me. The reason I say he doesn't trust me is because he found out that I met someone on the internet and we've been talking on the phone but just as friends and that just happen a couple of months ago but he says it's longer than that, so what he does when he comes home from work or wherever he's been at is check my emails and check my phones calls. But I don't really care because there is nothing going on between me & this person.


Just this morning he went 2 go and take a shower and I usually check his phone 2 see who's he called and when I checked his pants pocket I found a letter from a girl that he's been in a relationship for the past 2 years and she lives all the way in england and he's made so many promises 2 her telling her that he loves her and that they are going 2 have a baby together and that they are going 2 move in together and she just recently found out about me and she's really upset at the whole situation. She has come into my home without me being around and she knows all of my business. So I would like to know if I should confront him about this letter or what should I do because 2 tell u the truth I've about had enough of the lying & cheating business. So If anyone can give me any advice but just don't tell me 2 leave him because remember it's been 6yrs and it's hard 4 me 2 let go and start all over again and I don't want 2 raise my kids without a father figure around and he's been in my other 2 kids life since they've been very small. So any advice just let me know.

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i think you should tell him about the letter. I mean, you found out and everything. The only problem i see being big is that the three kids you have may grow up without a father and when they are older, theyll be asking you why they dont have a father. Try to tell him without screaming, showing that you are really upset, or saying anything that will make him go to her. Try asking him to dinner, talking this over and getting on his side so that he doesnt leave.

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Thanxs for the advice but he's the type of person that when u confront him about something he wants to act like he's mister macho man but u know what I will try and do what u said and see what happens. I'm not afraid of him leaving it's just the fear of raising my kids on my own even though their are many single women out their raising their kids.

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