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Has anyone else had dreams about their Ex's? I just did and it was horrible. I mean I've had dreams about her but this one was different somehow. And the odd part was that we were only hanging out in the dream nothing more. I guess I just miss her? I don't know. lol It was so s.h.!.tt.y, I was just wondering if anyone else has had gone through this. Hehe, it was so not cool.


I haven't contacted my Ex in a very long time. I have been thinking about it lately and though I know it isn't logical to contact her due to the fact we ended kind of on bad parts (not the worst). What really holds me back is I just don't know what would happen if I called; what we'd talk about, how I would react to hearing her voice. Also I don't know my true motives would be if I called: i.e. If all I want is to be with her romantically instead of being only a friend. (I only want to be her friend.)


I know why I had the dream, that's easy to see. I guess I just wanted to vent and see if anyone has any crazy dreams about his/her Ex?



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I believe you dream about the last thing you think of before you do to bed, but I also believe that all dreams are to tell you something, now what that is I don't really know.


You obviously have been thinking about her a lot.


About contacting her do you really think you guys can get back together? Especially ending in bad terms. Do you really wanna put your self through pain again..


Think about it.

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l've had two dreams about my ex in the past week it's really horrible because mine was the same dream. l was dreaming that she had moved on and had no room in her life for me anymore everything had changed even her bedroom and it freaked me out because that's the one thing that scares me is that she might of changed and l wasn't about to see -it worst fears and all that. l've been thinking about emailing her latley maybe these dreams were telling me not to be so stupied and let her go

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I had a dream of my ex too... just when i thought I was over him, I dreamt that we were tying the knot! When I woke up, I was filled with hope that it was a sign that he'd come back... nope, nothing happened. I sank back into misery.


Dreams are your subconscious thoughts, and might sometimes reveal your hidden or surpressed feelings, but don't let them affect your reality in a bad way...

I don't know about many others, but that's how i kind of feel...

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Well, i think that dreaming about your ex is perfectly normal. It cannot be something you should be too surprised about, since she was one time yours. Sometimes, wen youre asleep, your mind travels to diffrent things that occurred in your life, or at least i have noticed that! You shouldnt be ashamed about it, but you should think about why you really did go bak to something that happened at a diffrent time in your life.

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