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Emotionaly dying!!!

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Do you ever feel like you have to much on your plate and you just cant handle it. Right now I have way to much going on that I am so depressed I dont even know where to help myself. First of all my Parents are getting divorced I moved out to make things easier on me. Well I moved in with my violin teacher and her husband now has Cancer so I am being mom to there 13 year old son. I just bearly got a new job being a Checker. Plus my sister is pregnant. She is high risk so I am always look after her. Plus I am going full time in college. I know there is way more to it but I cant think. I havent slept in days because I am always doing homework or working or taking care of someone but myself. I know I should just take time for myself but I cant. Im not a selfish person and I know everyone needs me. Sad part is I feel so alone. I know they love me but its not the kind of love that a BF or companion can give you.


Every night I get into my bed and I cry until my alarm goes off. Whats wrong with me. Why cant I just find peace and be happy. I am so sick of this state of being.


If anyone knows of some good techniques to destress your life without it taking alot of time I would love to know. I just dont have time for Yoga anymore and it makes me cry.

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I kinda have to be mom because this kid has alot of problems and if he dosent have someone watching out for him he will get himself into trouble. He is failing school until I kicked him in to gear and He has diabetes so that factors in to because I need to make sure he is taking his shots.

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