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The Military and Us


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Like everyone says, It's my first time posting.


I'm going to try to make things short and sweet.


I am in the military, I met my girl in the first few months I was in.

I didn't know I was gay until I started to get involved with her.

We have been together for almost three years. I Love her with all my heart, but I have cheated on her to many times. I have told her about most of them, but yet she stills stays with me. I haven't cheated in a long time, and I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to loose her, but I feel as though I should date other people and see whats out there since she is my first girlfriend. We are both 21 and young. I am very afraid that if I do break it off then what if I don't find someone as good as her? She is so loving. What advice can you give???

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First of all, stop cheating, and never do it again. Second, hasn't the people that you've cheated with given you a glimpse of what kind of other people there are?

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Well, i feel stupid.


I cheated with only one night stands. Stupid and immature.

I totally understand you when you say stop cheating. I have. Just hard to forgive myself for that. I have lost total trust in myself and my girl has lost all trust. I am at a loss of words.

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Thank you for your advice on my "regrets" post. I am 21 too. That is a very fun and young age to want to go out to the clubs and dance the night away. You would say so....With other women, it is totally up to you to make your decisions. Love comes and goes. Sometimes, it can be a problem. Cheating is cheating as I learned and experienced. It depends on how you feel about her afterwards. Does she make you feel like you should see others? Does she make you feel very close to her? If you love her enough, you wouldn't want to see other people. But, is that is the problem, then go with your instincts. Trust your inner self and remember to choose wisely. In the end, whatever happened happens and you should be happy about it. Dealing with her wants and needs can be hard. But, whatever she wants and needs and if you are a part of it. Take it but don't take it to hard...I don't know what to say now....so, enjoy your life while you can...

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It's hard my first time posting. Didn't say everything they way I wanted, but yet still kinda got my point accross. I want to enjoy my life while I can, but what if It's with her, but what if it's not. I don't know since it's my first relationship. I feel as though I should break it off, but what if I don't find a better one and then I can't get her back?

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I guess I should say she was discharged from the military for being gay. she told them that so she could be with me. I guess that's why I picked the topic. I would feel aweful breaking it off with her. I am still in and she is out now. we are separated because of the military. When we are together everything is fine, but apart I feel as though I want to see other people.

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