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i am just wondering about girls


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why dont some girls understand and they wonder why a guy cheated on them. when they only go after the jocks or the guys that will have sex and leave them. but the totally ignore the person would treat them right. I would never cheat and only threat them good but they only consider me as a friend. Then once there boy friend who is a ass cheats on them they wonder why? they dont relieze you get what you chose. but then they just do it all over agian it makes no sense. i was wondering why this happens and how can i get out of the "friend zone"

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Rock, I totally understand where you are coming from cuz I sometimes felt the same way before I met my fiance. I was the nice guy who treated girls right and they normally went for the jocks and the bad boys. Just keep on being yourself and your future lady will come to you. Like ttstar stated don't change who you are.



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