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Ok not having a good day, got into the accident, and im posting again because i really dont kno wut else today and im really sad. I keep thinkin about steve, this guy i met over a week ago. Heres the thing, i kno ive explained it many times before on here but tonite but i jsut gotta tell u step by step and u can tell me whether or not he a) likes me, b) if i should call, c) if i should have hope of getting him.....


i met him a couple saturdays ago

threw my number out the car window to him

his friends call and act like jerks

he calls back and is really nice

we talk about 10 or more times that night till 3 in the mornin ( the last call )

the last time we talk he gives me his number and CHECKS that i have it correct

sunday afternoon i call him and its at first a little awkward

tuesday night i see him and he runs up to my car

wednesday i call him and talk about seeing him tuesday lol....plus other stuff



but now i havent called him and he hasnt called me, but at first i thought he liked me. The biggest reason is that, if he was just tryin to sho off in front of his friends he wouldnt have give me his home phone number, and CHECKED that i had it correct. See at first i asked for his cell phone number and he didnt have one but he gavce me the number of the cell he was callin from, but i didnt have a pen and i was driving so i couldnt easily write it down ne ways, plus the number was blocked so it wasnt saved on my cell phone. THen it was so cute ( omg im such a girl lol ) he was like can u come get us ( they asked me like 500 times ) and i was liek i feel so bad u kno i do, but i just cant come i have no othjer choice, give me ur cell # again. he was like we gave it to you like 10 times, and i was like i kno but i didnt have a pen. so he goes.....listen, im gunna give u my home phone number ok? and i said ok so he gave me his number 2 digits at a time, adn i punched them into my cell phone. then he was like ( heres the cute part hehe ) did u get that? i said yes and he goes ok now repeat them back to me ( i think b/c i didnt remember hsi cell and he thought that i was just playing him all night ) and i repeated them back and he was like cute laugh ok u got em. so i said ill call u he said ok bye and the way he said bye OMG was so adorable, but ne ways ........ he called at 3 but i didnt hear my phone, so i called him the next day and was liek I TOLD U I WOULD CALL. he gave me his HOME number i was wicked scared that he gave me the wrong number but HE DIDNT lol.


ok so i have already explained this story many times, but i love to hear it lol i will never forget that night. and seeing as how i got into an accident tonite i was wicked sad and paranoid and needed something to cheer me up. so do u tink he might like me. i havent heard from him in a week, but i like him. o and one more thing.....wen i first talked to him he talked kinda dirty, like saying i could "feel his package" if i went to see him. but once we started talkin he wasnt tryin to be funny he wa just being really nice. so at first he was showing off but he wasnt later on we he got to talk more. and i kno i sounded so girly to him. i was like are u tryin to make me feel bad that i cant come see you, because i really do. and he said yes i am actually and i was doin a whoole lot of flirtin hehe.


ok well im done thats kinda long thanks to ne onoe who read it even if u have read my other posts about this. and i would really appreciate some replys, i cant stop thinkin about him. SERIOUSLY i see him in my cell phone directory adn i just smile.

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Why? That's my biggest question, why do you think his a damm god?


Listen, you sound like a very sweet person! Why are you wasting your time on this jerk? It sounds like his having his ego filled by haviing you go all gaga over him? But why? He treated you bad, do you realize that? Don't you want a man that would feel as gaga over you too? And not have his friends call you up and act like such asses?? Did he even apologed for it?


Look, I'm a true romantic at heart, and I believe in love at first site and all that good stuff, but I have to be honest, you deserve someone that will treat you like a total queen! This guy won't. Don't sell yourself short.


Give your romatic energy to a guy that will cherish you like there is no tomorrow.


Sorry kid, I hope you take this in a positve stride.

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