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He's giving me mixed messages. Anyone have a clue??

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Well, after telling this guy that I like him... he seemed to be showing signs that he likes me. He started to treat me differently... noticibly differently and started smiling at me and looking at me all the time. There were even times when he tryed to be loud or funny just to get my attention. It seems to be getting more intense. My guy-friend talked to him today and said "You do know _ _ _ _ _ likes you right?" and apparently the guy said yea... but then the conversation went on and my friend asked him if he was gonna ask me out. He apparently said no and that he didn't want to go out with me. This is really giving me mixed messages. All the people that have talked to the guy I like have been guys. I'm wondering why he's flirting so badly even though he ''only likes me as a friend''. He's not the greatest looking guy, but he'd not bad looking either and he's definitely not a player or full of himself. Is he just on an ego trip? Or does he just not want me to know he likes me? It seems really weird that he's changed so drastically and it seems like he likes me back but he says he doesn't. Any ideas? Thanks a million! ~Skittles~

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sometimes guys like that jsut really love the attention. They dont have to be a player to enjoy that. You could very easily be right that he doesn't want you to know or he could just want you to keep liking him. You can't just have people talk to him for you though. You really need to bring it up to him yourself. Doing that will help a lot more then getting rearranged stories from your friends. I hope it works out for the best!

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