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If you read my newest posts, you will know about Jason and everything. Well I havent been over there or anything and like I said before we dont really talk unless its over his house. We dont talk on the phone or online. I am going to be 21 in feb never really been with any1 but unlike my sister i swear she always have some1 or alot of guyz like her. I am just ugly i guess. I do have pic if you would like to see. I been told both way pretty and not so nice. But i guess it depends on ur interests. My parents are other reason too. I am going to be 21 and u would think i would have more freedon and everything i really do. but my dad has dumb things like u cant make that or u cant do that its like embrassing. I just want to get out of here. I just want to be with some1 who will love me for me and only me. I want that person to be Jason but too scared to even tell him just in case he is just being nice to me bc i am close with his mom and his little sister who happens to be 3 and Jason is going to be 23. I am just started working @ Shop n Save this week I havent really been working since i was lay off and quit bc i was getting sick here it was Kidney Failure but on Labor of 2002 i reiceved my Kidney Transplant. My life is such worthless. What can I do?? I want to be happy with some1 and that some1 to be Jason but i dont want to ruin his mom realationship. I want to woek as many hours so i can get my license my dad suppose to teach me paraell parking but no he just wants to watch tv or go over his moms house but my sister they gave her everything and anything she wants...i feel like why me?? I am just always upset. I cant talk to my mom about anything specially about Jason she is kinda jealous of me going over there but never told me she kinda told my best friend she doesnt really like Jason's Mom or his mom boyfriend.. I just dont know where life is going to lead me too.....


Sorry about grammer or spelling


THnaks for listenting and any1 has anything to say bc do...if u would like to know what or how i think Jason is flirting or actting towards me when i am over there to make good deicion about telling him how i feel just ask or PM. I would really appreicate it.

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Hi Ineedhim !


You are going to have to make a decision here. Either you try get with him, or you forget about it. Eitherway, you need to do something. If you are to forget about him, that is easier than you think. If you want to get with him, there is plentyof advice on the forum here that can help you with that.


Your mood however, may come accross as unattractive. What I mean is that negativity shines bright from all of us, and as a mate, we prefer a happy well rounded person. So you will need to get positive in life, whether you get with Jason or not. Eitherway, you should be embarking on personal development for yourself, and learning to love yourself for who you are - as you will always be you !!


Hope this helps you some,

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