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Tired of being attracted to girls with bad personalities

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I'm 25 shy and never had a girlfriend and to top it off I'm losing my hair. The thing that annoys me the most about being single is that about 99% of the girls I am attracted to have bad personalities.


Now some of the girls I am attracted to are hot, some are average looking and some are below average looking and the majority of them have horrible personalities. For me personality is more important and you don't have to be hot for me to be attracted to. If there is even the slightest thingabout a girl that I find attractvie I then want to get to know them more.


My problem is most have bad personalities. I don't find these girls and bars or clubs, just people I work with or people in classes at college. Are there any girls out there who have good personalities or am I just very picky?


Now just so you know what I mean by bad personalities I mean cheating on your boyfriend, sleeping around with everyone, stealing, drinking and driving, and just being an overall bad person and not caring about others and stuff like that.


It would be nice if I could find someone who I was attracted to even if they were not hot, but average looking or even below average looking and they had a good personality.

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well your certainly right about personality being #1! there can never EVER be a good working relationship without the appeal of personality in there somewhere., sounds like your not finding the right personality, or a good one at all!


well that just a bad streak of luck. as with any gender, there are always gonna be those nasty people where you just sit back and wonder how they get by in life and not be alone, with a personality like that! i myself have met alot of bad people, all girls (usually at school and a friendship based type thing) because of my lack of contact with boys.


truth is there are PLENTY of nice girls out there, and you dont have to immedietly think they're gonna be real ugly either. personality and looks are completely different, and you might find a nice combination of both.


before taking any relationship to the next stage, make sure you know this person! instead of heading straight in, start as friends. this might help you determine whether or not this person is girlfriend material for you.


if your finding them at college, then id say that is still a very good place to find any sort of girl. try looking around in other area's you havent tried yet. dont feel discouraged if you find a few sour grapes. persistance will prevail in the end!


goodluck, you'll find someone JUST right in time!

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Well the way I look at it is that you're lucky. My problem is that all the women I find attractive have girlfriends of their own. I'm running a perfect loosing streak. There are women out there that have great personalities… though few and far between. Women complain about what pigs men are (and in general there right), but the same percentage of them do the exact same thing. Quality people are hard enough to find, and quality women are twice as hard to find. Once you find one don't ever let her go.


They are out there.

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You didn't offend me, just don't see how I'm lucky. One other thing I may have not mentioned is that most of the girls turn out to have boyfriends any way so in no way am I lucky or ever will be. If I ever meet a girl that is single and I like her and she likes me and she has a good personanlity and I'm physically attracted to her in some way, I'll have a heart attack and die I'll be so shocked.

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