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Have I been childish or done the right thing for me??

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Okay.. Here's a brief quick roundup of what has gone on in my life over the past year. Moved to city. Met boy. Fell in love with boy. Moved out of city to live with boy in small town twenty miles away. Whole social circle and life revolves around boy. Boy then kicked me out of his house six months later. Then dumped me four months after that. Moved in with one of his friends who is new to the area and lived there for past six months. Girl I live with is nightmare. After getting dumped I get dumped by all of the ex's friends too. And the girl I live with becomes the popular one. And turns against me as well. Realise that all these people never were my friends. They've been superficial and have been b*tching about me behind my back. All I've done wrong.. is.. nothing. I stopped getting invited out to things three months ago. Completely got butted out. Living with this girl has been a living misery as she seems to enjoy my misfortune. The icing on the cake was finding out one of my girlfriends was talking about me nastily on sunday.


So.. are you still awake??? I decided enough was enough. I've done nothing wrong. Except get dumped by their friend. So I packed up all my stuff today and moved out. I left no note, no forwarding address. I've changed my email and my phone number. I've put the housemate's name on all the bills. And I've moved back to the city!!?!?!? I'm so happy and excited. I spend my first night in my new room tonight after work!!!??


But I've had a few calls from the ex housemate since. I've ignored all her calls until I get a new phone tomorrow. She left a few angry messages on my answer phone.. naturally. It's not nice to come home to a house which is virtually empty because I owned most of the stuff. When I mean empty, just curtains and kettle and toaster.. The shower curtain. Stuff that belonged to me. I didn't listen to her messages.. but I caught 'grow up' and 'petty'.


I am stupid. Since I'm supposed to be 'moving on' with my life and forgetting these people. But am I being petty or doing the right thing? I haven't left her in the lurch with money.


Thanks for your help!! Lots of love from one very stressed out, sad and fed up person G xxx

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u said these people talk behind your back and generally dont want you there. so why stay? uv done the right thing, and shouldnt have any regrets. from what im hearing, i probably would have burned the place down when leaving! how could they call themselves friends! forget about them, they forced you out. find some new ppl now and you'll forget about those losers! good luck, you deserve it!

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Have you been childish? - well, yes

Have you done the right thing for you? - yes


It was really good for you to get out of a bad situation like that. However you could have at least told her what you were going to do. That would have given her time to buy her own stuff and be prepared. And you should probably answer the phone calls. Yes its a pain and she'll want to yell at you but tell her you aren't listening to that and just want to talk about winding things up.


After that, then there is no need to talk to her again since everything is settled. And you can be wonderfully happy and free!

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We moved in to a totally furnished house. And moved in on a six month tenancy. So I haven't left her in a house with no furniture. She's just got no kettle or toaster.. or a shower curtain. And because the curtains and blinds were a bit old fashioned I bought some new ones. She can just put up the old ones. And as for the shower curtain. I bought my one. She can get off her ass and buy her own. It only cost me three quid for goodness sake. He he!


I haven't left her in the lurch at all. In fact she's got a whole house to herself for one whole month as I've paid for my half of the rent. She'll have to pay for any bills she owes in that month. But I've paid up up to date.


SO when I asked if I was childish for just upping and leaving I meant.. well I suppose.. I don't know what I meant. I guess I just feel guilty!!


But hey.. I think she's got the message. I was responsible and grown up with the house but could have said 'thanks for sharing' despite hating her.


Thanks! Take care x

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