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Asking out a girl problem


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I love this girl a lot. She loves me. I know because shes told me. I wanted to ask her out and she got the hints but before I could she said she didn't want me to ask her out because she was scared she was going to lose that good relationship with me if we broke up. What should I do?????

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first of all i gotta say...awww lol. ok now to the serious part. if u both love each other, then i say go for it. if u know that things are getting to complicated, take a step back, and just relax, u dont have to like jump the gun. if u want to be w.her, then thats great. also, u want to becareful of that "friendship/relationship" bond. its good to date someone like that. someone u trust. my advice..go for it!

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Thank you for your reply. I really do love her a lot. Heres exactly what she said when we were talking about it:


ok well ive been thinkin about it A LOT n i dont know

if u were but if you were thinkin bout askin me out i kinda dont want

you to i love u sooo much its jus i really like how things are now n

i dont know if i want the title of boyfriend n girlfriend i like how

i can talk to you about nething n not have to ever worry about breaking

up n i dunno i jus really like how things are goin right now n i dunno

jus please dont get mad




I mean i honestly think if we both love each other that much then it would be worth a try don't you think? I really want to talk to her and find out what she thinks. I mean I thought she didn't want me to ask her out for some other reason like she liked someone else but apparently there is no other reason. I really want to go out with her. Should I reassure to her that we won't lose our relationship?

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most def. u should reassure her of how nothin will get messed up. i think that u should take that step, and tell her that. and also find out what she really thinks! like if she really wants to go through with it, if not, ask her why. but do that, and let me know how things go. i hope they work out for u.

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Hey. I was in the same boat...that's one of the things my current gf said to me before we started going on. She now tells me she liked someone else at the time and afterwards she didn't really want a boyfriend but I think maybe she's right but I reckon she was afraid. I hung in there with her, gave her the space, gave her the time (9 mths) when she told me not to, eventually, she realised just how much I luved her and how she should do somethin about the feelings that were always there.


I think you shouldn't pressure her, just remind her everynow and then of what you feel for her and that you're willing to wait and you like her so much you'd rather sacrifice the friendship then never finding out what could've happened. I mean, you two's love each other and you admit it? then what the hell's the problem except for fear? The only way to deal with fear is to DEAL wif it, confront it straight on.


Somehow I think she could just be saying that she loves you and all and not mean it, right now I'd say just hang in there, don't get your hopes up I just get a feeling that she doesn't feel just that strongly about you yet, keep somethin going between the two of you's and perhaps she'll develop her feelings for you.


If u're still thinkin wether u should go for it, from what i've heard no, but what i'd do yes. So i guess it's really following ur heart or mind.


My heart would say Isn't life all about takin chances? you shouldn't think about things, just do it because you know, chances are you'll never be able to predict the future. But life's just too short, screw thinkin twice.


It's already been spilt out, the hard part's gone already. So what if u do screw up the friendship, if you're so close already, it'll just take some time before you're back 2 ur old friend style again because like it's virtually impossible to drift away from best friends unless you don't do anything about it.


I think it's just you thinkin too much and worrying about things before they surpass but I suppose, sometimes people like to be prepared even though there's just way too many possiblities lol "ooh.. the possibilities" - some sorta toy ad catchphrase. Anyway, right back to this, even if u do worry, somethin else you might not b prepared for might occur, then wouldn't it have been a waste of time?


Don't think twice. Go for it. Like I said, life's way too short once you get down to it.




Happy Heb

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