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She is too Jealous


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My son's mother is too jealous and insecure and I can't take it anymore. She is rude to people who call me. She starts fights whenever I leave the house to go to work or class or to study at night in the library. It seems like she wants me to stay up under her 24-7, but I have a life. I have things to do. I'm trying to finish my degree. She wants to be all touchy feely 24-7 and its annoying to me now. I feel smothered. We have a 2 year old son to think about which is why I have not left her. But I am seriously considering being a single dad because she is getting on my nerves with the jealousy and fighting and punching holes in walls because she is feeling ignored.

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never ever use the kid as a crutch.


you love her or you don't? if you don't, then nothing matters anymore.


if you do, then you will do whatever it takes to help her. she's probably not have a life beyond you and the kid for the past 3 years (9 months for the pregnancy)


face it. you don't have a life anymore. it's not yours. you gave it to her and your son. if you don't live for them, you cheat them and you cheat yourself. sure, you have to study, and you have to go out. but that often???


whenever you have to go out, tell her why and give her an estimate of your return time, and be punctual. always reasssure her of your love before you go, when you are out, and when you return. have wild sex when the kid's asleep. that means proper rest too. at least you don't have to do most of the child-minding, just some play time with your son.


whenever unnecessary, do not go out. go out only with your family. you need time alone? then get a babysitter so that both of you can be out doing your own things. can't afford? then live with it until you have better qualifications and a better paying job


most of all, encourage your wife to have goals and plan to achieve them, like you are studying for your exams. encourage one another, not complain and nag.


life too hard? well, that's life. or you can cop out.

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