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help needed! falling in love with best friend, he feels same

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Firstly to start off i have fallen in love with my best friend, and i know that he feels the same way too. But the thing that gets me is that he has asked me out and i have said yes, but we have never seem to got around goin out on a date.


we both have part time jobs, working for the same company and the same department too, but ever since he has asked me out hes been saying how he plans to 'get off' with the new starters, which makes me feel so small. i decided to confide in my friend about this, and she went up and confronted him.


she sed to him do u like her? n he replied yes and i have done for quite some time, n she said well stop saying all this about the new starters and ask her out properly, he sed but how can i? shes gorgeous n all the lads with spikey hair n flash cars are after her. n she replied well if she wanted them she would have them but she likes you!


Then he was saying that me and him are very close n he doesnt want to jeopadise our friendship, n that he is scared because he is a virgin (so am i), well my friend replied well u r just gonna have to get over your insecurities and talk things through with her. (by the way he doesnt know that my friend has told me about all this) so later on he said to me we need to talk i was like yeah ok, that was on friday and i havent heard from him since no phone call, no text message not even on msn messenger! when i try to get in touch with him he doesnt relpy!


What is going on? what is he scared of? please help!


thank you


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like he told your friend, he's probably worried about losing you as a friend. if you ever do break up, then you might not be as close. its understandable to be scared of that. however, you should try calling him & ask him if he's ready to talk about it. tell him that you arent going to wait forever & that you want to take the chance. i mean, some people can go back to being best friends after they break up. well, i think that you really need to talk to him about this. if he's not contacting you, then you should try contacting him.

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