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Relationship between a 23 year old and a 19 year old?

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I hope some one read this with that awful subject heading. Anyway I am 22/23 and a friend of my sister's is 18/19. We hung out a few times, not a lot when my sister was around, a month ago my sister went back to college and this girl is still aorund so i gave her a call. Shes come over to my place once or twice and we've hung out but very briefly. The thing is there is a nervious tension in the air. Because of the age difference I kind of feel like she knows I'm calling her to hang out because I want to hook up, and she comes over so I think I know she wants to hook up. Its the akwardness though that will keep anything from happening. So can any girls out there tell me if there are other reasons shed come over to hang out alone with me if shes not thinking about hooking up with an older guy. And how do I introduce the idea of the two of us getting together? Do I need to just ask her head on if she thinks us hanging out is weird because of the age difference?

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i'm 22/m and in collage, and there is this 18 y/o girl i know that likes me, i'm want to hook up with here. i don't think there is anything wrong with your wants. she is 18-19, an adult. your 22-23 an adult.


Go for it, my mom is 5 years older then my dad. there is nothing wrong with likeing some one younger then you, if thay are another mature adult.


Good luck to you.

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if you feel awkward about it, then you should talk to her about it. its not that much of an age difference....only a couple of years, but if you both like each other, who cares about age? i think you should just talk to her & find out how she feels about you, if you are comfortable asking.

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well, like what do you talk to her about when you are with her?? do you think that she feels awkward too? if you can't get over the awkwardness now, then its going to be even more awkward if you start dating. i think that once you start hanging out more & stuff, you will get more comfortable around her & it won't be so awkward. do you have any similar interests?? talk about that.. you could take her to a movie where you don't have to say anything, then afterwards talk about the movie. if you want to bring up the awkwardness, just ask her if she thinks its weird when the two of you hang out.

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Just ask her over to hang out, and let her know you need to talk to her. Once she's there, just tell her, as amdebar said, that you're interested in her, and would like to know what she'd say if you asked her out on a date. And you can also just ask her flat-out if the age difference bothers her. You're both legal adults, you don't need anyone's permission. And 4-5 years really isn't a big deal, that's pretty standard. But DO it. Otherwise you'll keep pondering it when she's there, and it'll just make both of you uncomfortable that there's all of this unsaid stuff floating around! Good luck.

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