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Sleeping over after sex

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Well i cant say I speak from experience, but since its just "sex" with no emotional involvement its probably a good idea to just leave, cause in the morning its gonna be little awkward.


Id just say, wow had a great time, but gotta work tomorrow, bye.


One night stands are so not me, so this is only my opinion.

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Well I would say it's down to personal preference.


If I had casual sex with a woman and she wanted to sleep over I wouldn't refuse her. Afterall your both already in bed right? - It's going to be easier to just sleep there rather than get dressed see her out the door and then go back to bed again.


It's obviously easier just to have casual sex with someone you know who is up for a quick shag rather than go out looking for a partner chat them up get to know them etc so what is wrong with it being easier just to stay where you are and sleep over.


With regards wo awckwardness why should it be? - You both had sex because you wanted it and you both admitted you wanted it (and that takes guts to do) so why feel awckward?. If it was me I'd just be like "Hey, thanks for last night, you wannt try it on the table or the stairs tomorrow at the same time?".


Like I said it's really down to personal preference. Some people who have feelings for their sexual partners are fine about having sex and a relationship but feel awckward sleeping with their partner even though they've just had sex. I don't see what the fuss is about really. You know how you feel about it. If you want to stay after having casual sex and the other person has no objections then stay - Just don't expect much affection if it's just a casual thing.

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