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Every night before I sleep

There is one prayer I say

I ask God to make him like me

And this is what I pray


Dear God up above

I know that you're there

And every time I pray to you

I know that you care


Why must my best friend like him?

Why can't she understand?

I dream about him every night

She gets every guy on demand


She pulls him in

Then spits him out

This isn't what love

Is all about


She gets me mad

When she smiles at him

And then I realize

If hit the brim


It not a fun

Place to be

And I only wish

He would see


That I've liked him for so long

And I only wish he knew

A little more about me

What more can I do


For him or for me

For me or for him

It seems as if

The lights are dim


They get darker every day

When he notices her

And every time I see it

My world is a blur


Some say I'm jealous

Some say I'm obsessed

Others say I'm messed up

Yet some say I'm blessed


But it doesn't really matter

Because I don't listen any ways

And when Tuesday is over

I'm counting down the days


Until next week

For me to look in to his eyes

My pulse starts to race

And that's no surprise


For when I see him

My gray skies turn blue

It makes me want to see him

Even though my troubles are through


My heart is happy

When he starts to laugh

Thought it's usually to her

So my feelings are half


When ever I'm sad

I just say his name

And when I think about love

I know its no game


I know what I feel

I know who I am

And as I'm writing

My thoughts begin to cram


There is so much

I want to say

That it takes me over

A couple days


To finish a poem

About what I feel

And after I'm done

I know this is real


Theirs never been a person

Who has helped me this much

It just as if he

Have the lucky touch


When ever I see him

Talk to him on the phone

There is a feeling inside

That says I'm not alone


Sometime when I write

The feelings are too strong

And you can tell this

Because my poems are so long


This way I feel in side

Needs a special key

Which I thought had sunken

Deep in the sea


Yet now it's around his neck

Tied with a string

And when he stole my heart

The key he did bring


It kind of funny

I've never felt this way before

And even thought other guys like me

I am going to shut the door


Too keep them out

So I can see him

I feel as if I

Am holding to every limb


Can't he understand?

He was the one

Who inspired me to write

This is how I begun


He gave me a reason

That actually made scene

And now I fell like my heart

Is guarded my a fence


No one can hurt it

Not even mean friends

For all I do it think about him


And my sadness mends


As if by magic

But by love

A sudden sign

From up above


To love him like my brother

To cherish him like my friend

To take him in forever

So that my love won't bend


To care for him like my own child

To hope for his success

To tend to his every need

This is very hard to express


But becasue this is abotu him

Someone thats changed my life

For he is the one

Who made me want to strive


For my education

For his love

For a prayer with god

Who lives up above


Not literly

But yet honestly too

If their wasn't him

I don't know what I'd do

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