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Hey Can You Help Me Out?<>?

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not too long ago me and my girlfriend broke up cause of her friends(she broke up with me)...and now about a month or too l8er she tells me she can stand it without meshe has had 1 other bofirend inbetween this time...what im askin is should i take her back or will she hurt me again..i still love her and everything its just her braken my heart again...<.... any advice>

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I recently broke a man's heart. And once he was gone I moved into a relationship that was at first exciting and different, but after a few months became monotonous and unrewarding. I wanted my ex back. And after 6 months of begging, pleading and promising I would'nt hurt him EVER again - he took me back. And a year later - we have a better and stronger relationship than I could have imagined. The thing is ~ you have to believe she is legitimate in wanting you again. You have to ask yourself (and maybe even her) WHY she wants you. Ask her what she missed about you... and most importantly take your time in walking back into her life! If you agree to be with her again, it has to be on your terms now. She must realize she has hurt you and must be willing to prove to you that she is uncapable of repeating that. Sometimes time apart can wake an ungrateful person up ~ so be cautious, take it slow, feel it out... and good luck...

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Ya i see what your sayin and most of the stuff u just said too do has been dne and as you said you did begg himad say u wouldnt hurt him again same thin is goin on with her and i feel she wants me back its just what will happen if her friends are ganna be gay agin

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